About VDNH

The Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy is one of the largest exhibitions, museums, and recreation complexes in the world. It is one of the most popular public places of the Russian capital. It hosts more than 24 million guests per year.

The Exhibition was opened on 1 August 1939. Its name has changed several times, i.e. VSHV ВСХВ, VPV ВПВ, VDNH USSR ВДНХ СССР, ВВЦ VVC.

In spring 2014 the Moscow City Government launched a large scale project of  the VDNH’s revival commemorated to the 75-year Anniversary of the main exhibition centre of the country.
On the initiative of the Mayor of Moscow, Sergey Sobyanin, and according to the results of citizens’ electronic voting the VDNH had its famous historical name of “Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy” returned. The name corresponds to VDNH in Russian.  Now, the VDNH is combined with the Botanic Gardens and Ostankino Park. Its total area is more than 520 ha. 

On the territory of VDNH you can see many architectural masterpieces, large and small parks, and unique fountains. Forty-five sites at VDNH are recognized as cultural property sites of federal significance.  

More than 100 international exhibitions and congresses, dozens of festivals and special events as well as new expositions are held at VDNH yearly.  With the revival of the open-air theater that was opened on 1 August 2014, the Exhibition achieved the status of popular outdoor performance stage hosting best world performing musicians from Russia and abroad.

Come enjoy the VDNH!