Contact information

Joint Stock Company The Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy (JSC VDNH)

VDNH, Estate 119, Prospect Mira, Moscow, 129223

Information Service of VDNH

Phone +7(495)544-34-00
Fax +7(495)748-34-80

Human Resource and Social Policy Department

Phone +7(495)974-35-35, ext. 12-64

Public Relations Department

Phone +7(495)748-34-20
Fax +7(495)748-34-20
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Department of Exhibitions, Education, and Excursions

Organisation of exhibitions and museum projects


Organisation of special projects


Park Development Department

Development of VDNH theme parks


Event Marketing and Special Projects Department

Organisation and support of events, corporate celebrations, and promotional activities.

Short-term rent of outdoor stages and conference halls for organising events:

Phone +7 (495) 748-34-05
+7 (495) 974-35-35 (ext. 1755 or 1704 or 1764)

Organisation and support of video and photo shoots, and rental of convention spaces and the House of Culture:


Strategic Marketing Department

Advertisement placement:

Phone +7 (495) 974-35-35 (ext. 1760)

Real Estate Department

Rental of office and commercial space:

Phone +7(495)974-35-35 (ext. 13-42) — buildings and seasonal construction
Phone +7(499)180-14-08 — buildings in Otradnoye

Exhibition Department

Organisation and support of guest events

Phone +7(495)974-35-35 (ext. 21-39)
Fax +7(495)748-34-13

Organisation of exhibitions and conventions

Phone +7(495)748-37-70
Fax +7(495)748-37-70

The VDNH House of Culture

Phone +7(499)760-23-77

Information Technology Department

Coordination and support of all IT and telecommunication services at VDNH

Phone +7(495)544-34-35

CJSC Maintenance Administration of VDNH

Technical support and upkeep
Disposal of municipal solid waste and bulk trash
Park clean-up
Landscape gardening
Transportation services

Phone +7(499)760-26-76

CJSC Facility Engineering Administration of VDNH

Electrical and plumbing works:

Phone +7(499)760-24-88
Phone +7(499)760-24-24

Police Station at VDNH

Public Order Protection

Phone +7(499)760-25-85

5th Regional Department of Supervisory Activities of the Northeast Administrative District of Moscow, Ministry of Emergency Services of Russia

Duty Officer

Phone +7(499)181-03-96