Brass Band Festival at VDNH

The Brass Band Festival is starting at VDNH. It is one of the most interesting musical festivals and a unique event that cannot be missed! Over the summer, VDNH will be a site for dozens of bands, and a nation-wide competition will be held to select them.

This summer, VDNH will host the 4th Brass Band Festival, a series of live music concerts in the open air. Famous Russian and foreign bands will take part in the festival. Concerts will be held on weekends at various Exhibition venues during the three summer months.

Over its four years of existence, the open-air Brass Music Festival has become popular among Muscovites. Thousands of people come to the Country's Main Exhibition every week to listen to live music — classical, jazz, ethnic, military, popular. Admission to all events of the festival is free.

For participation in the festival, VDNH is announcing an all-Russian competition of brass bands.

Twelve semifinalists will have a unique chance to perform at VDNH on one stage with specially invited masters of brass music from Russia and abroad. Travel and accommodation costs for non-resident participants are covered by the organisers. Three finalists, who will be selected by the jury and the audience of the festival, will perform at the gala concert on the City Day. The winner will receive some prize money. Applications are accepted until 1 June at


1. General provisions

1.1. The founder of the All-Russian Musical Brass Band Competition (hereinafter referred to as the "Competition") is Joint Stock Company "The Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy".
1.2. Objectives of the Competition: preservation and development of the best traditions of the Russian performing arts; the identification of young talented musicians in all regions of Russia, encouraging their promotion, raising the prestige of music professions; attraction of public attention to the field of musical art.
1.3. Supervision of preparation, organisation and conduct of the Competition is carried out by the Organising Committee of the Competition (hereinafter, the "Organising Committee").

2. Conditions of the Competition

2.1. The Competition is held from March to September 2018 in several stages:

1st STAGE 
The stage includes accepting applications for participation in the Competition.

2nd STAGE 
The stage includes preliminary competitive selection (qualifying round with online voting).

3rd STAGE 
The stage includes demonstration performances (in the form of theatrical performances) of 12 semi-finalists of the competition (brass bands participating in competitive voting) for 3 months at a frequency of 1 time per week (the duration of each performance is 60 minutes) and online voting on the results.

4th STAGE 
Final of the competition, announcement of the results and the winner. 

Concert performances dedicated to the celebration of the Day of the City of Moscow (as part of a gala concert), 3 finalists of the competition (brass bands participating in competitive voting) on the first day (the duration of each performance is 60 minutes), and the jury's work on results.

2.2. Musical professional and amateur bands that meet the following requirements can participate in the Competition:
composition of the band: at least 7 people, but not more than 15 people;
at least 80% of musical instruments should be brass musical instruments;
citizenship of the Russian Federation.

2.3. Evaluation criteria for the contestants:
- Level of musicianship.
- Technical proficiency.
- Musicality.
- Emotionality of performance.
- Originality of the performance interpretation.
- Aesthetics.
- Artistry.
- Creativity: skills and technical proficiency, originality, mastery of the material.

2.4. To participate in the competition, it is necessary to complete and return a questionnaire and a link to the video of the band no longer than 3 minutes in mp4 format.

2.5. The winner of the Competition is determined by the results of the voting of Internet users and the professional jury.

2.6. Voting of Internet users is available to an unlimited number of persons within the time frame corresponding to the competitive stage.

Jury of the 4th Brass Band Festival

Andrey Klyukin

Musical producer, expert. CEO of JGroupe, engaged in the creation and development of the all-Russian and regional music festivals of various orientations. Senior producer of the Wild Mint Festival since 2007.

Gayane Shilajyan

The initiator of the creation and director of the Moscow philharmonic orchestra Russian Philharmonic. The author of many successful programmes of the orchestra, including the first multimedia projects in Russia, combining highly professional performance of the best samples of classical music with masterpieces of painting. Since 2010, she is a member of IAMA (International Association of Artistic Managers), the only recognised professional association in the field of classical music management. Laureate of the Moscow Government Prize for her contribution to the development of classical music art (2012).

For four years of existence, the Brass Band Festival at VDNH has become one of the most prestigious musical competitions in Russia. In 2016, the Spasskaya Tower International Military Music Festival became a partner of the competition. Its participants organised a grandiose event at VDNH. The jury of the competition in different years included Vyacheslav Lavrik, Semyon Milstein, Vadim Eilenkrig and other world-famous musicians. The festival was attended by bands from Holland, Austria, Ukraine and various cities of Russia.

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