Générik Vapeur. Waterlitz

Some people are inspired by natural beauty, others by huge factories and urban buildings. The main hero of the Waterlitz performance by the Générik Vapeur theatre is a gigantic 19-metre high construction of 8 sea containers, which will come to life in front of the audience. What remains of the seascapes of large ports?

Created 35 years ago, the street theatre Générik Vapeur is the offspring of rock singer Katie Avram and the artist and director Pierre Berthelot. It is the traffic of artists and technicians, repertoire performances and one-day shows, created in urban settings. This is an unusual combination of air performance, video art, various types of designs, theatrical and musical art. The troupe includes about 20 artists who have different creative and mechanical skills. Their shows are specially created for urban or street spaces. They see beauty in industrial facilities, hear music in the clatter of wheels or in a hammer hitting an anvil. In the Waterlitz performance, the audience will see a fantastic stage object that comes alive and shares its amazing story.

VENUE: the Square of Industry.
DATE: 27–29 July 2018.
HOURS: starts at 9:30 p.m.
ADMISSION: Free admission.