Neoclassics: Misha Mischenko and Alim Zairov

On Sunday, 30 July 2017 at 8:00 p.m., the new open-air venue the VDNH Green Theatre. Stage on the Water presents a concert by Misha Mischenko and Alim Zairov as part of the Neoclassics project. Alim Zairov has won the Kazakhstan's Film Critics Choice Award in the Best Music Score nomination for his work in Toll Bar (2015) and Road to Mother (2016). Misha Mischeko is already well-known to the capital's concert-goers: he is famous as one of the most outstanding representatives of contemporary classical music. Other contemporary classical music headliners will also perform as part of the Neoclassics project: rising star Nicola Melnikov (13 August) and famous composer Pavel Karmanov (20 August).

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For Alim Zairov from Kazakhstan, this summer performance will be his long awaited debut on the Moscow stage. The composer has had two solo releases, created music for fourteen films, including American Heist (2013, USA) and Mafia: Survival Game (2014, Russia), and worked with many famous pop singers, including Batyrkhan Shukenov during the last years of his life.

The palette of Misha Mischenko's creative experiments does not confine itself to just one genre: he is equally comfortable performing electronic ambient music and playing with an orchestra. He is mainly a pianist, but has mastered many instruments, including exotic ones. During a concert, Misha can leave the piano and play a tune on a metallophone or a hang drum, or record a movie score using a miniature Mexican charango guitar. Misha Mischenko has recorded over 20 albums, 15 film soundtracks and has been a producer for Russian musicians. As a composer, Misha follows three principles: beauty, simplicity and authenticity; his goal is to create an integral musical statement, where the idea is in harmony with its realisation in sound. Some of Misha's fans describe his tracks as "music of the spheres" and "breath of the Universe".

On 30 July, the romantic music of Alim Zairov and Misha Mischenko will be played at a spectacular open-air venue, built on the water. The first part of the concert belongs to Alim and the second to Misha. In the final part, the audience will enjoy both composers improvising on two pianos.

VENUE: VDNH Green Theatre. Stage on the Water.
TIME: 30 July 2017, at 8:00 p.m.
PRICE: 7001,500 roubles.