Virtuality Attractions

Virtuality Theme Park has been opened in Pavilion 55 Elektrifikatsiya (Electrification) at VDNH. It spans over 2,000 square meters and offers a range of breathtaking adventures: rescuing a space station on Mars, participating in star wars, racing through Moscow streets in a real race car, and experiencing centrifugal force when turning. In total, there are over 20 single- and multi-player games for all ages and preferences.

VR simulators (6+)

Virtuality Park features high-end VR simulators. Star Blade is a dynamic virtual reality simulator that simulates the experience of warfare in space, with terrific graphics, a 360 degree view and a multi-player game mode. The Moscow Street Race VR simulator allows the player to experience rocket acceleration, centrifugal force when turning, and collisions like a real-life race car driver. Crazy Trolley riders will feel all of the usual adrenaline from the roller coaster in any weather and at any time of the year. The Mega Cube creates a dynamic 3D cinema experience for all ages.

Mixed Reality (7+)

These attractions are unparalleled in Russia and are quite rare in the world. The player, while in the game space of 50-200 square meters, is placed into a science fiction story in VR glasses. Unlike common VR games these simulators interact not only with senses of hearing and seeing, but also with tactile sensations which makes immersion absolute. Endure impossible hardships while trying to save the space station in the Mission Mars game; ride real quad bikes through real obstacles in Mars Drive and win over the AI in Space Warfare R3VR shooter quest.

Voobrazharium (Imaginarium) (0+)

Voobrazharium (Imaginarium) is an interactive projection park which offers exciting family activities. The floor and the walls come to life thanks to state-of-the-art technologies. Images are modified in a special manner to respond to the player's touch. One can spend quality time playing, drawing, playing music, or simply enjoying beautiful dynamic images in this marvelous place that spans over 500 square meters. Even young visitors can find something to their likings: interactive Tossing Fun, Tetris, and coloring books, as well as exhilarating science shows on weekends.

LOCATION: Pavilion 55 Elektrifikatsiya.
OPENING HOURS Opening Hours 11:00 am - 7:30 pm (the ticket offices and the entrance close at 7:00 pm).
FEE: free entry, games cost from 100 rubles
CONTACT INFORMATION: +7 (495) 008-59-28