3D Panorama "1941.The Battle for Moscow"

You can see the 3D panorama “Moscow. 1941. Counterattack” at VDNH, Pavilion No. 57, where the historical park “Russia — My History” takes place. The three-dimensional exhibition is devoted to the 75th anniversary of the Red Army's counterattack during the Battle for Moscow.

The opening of the 3D exhibition at VDNH is timed to the first anniversary of launching the historical park at the Main Exhibition of the country. The three-dimensional panorama “Moscow. 1941. Counterattack” created by the Nevsky Battle Painters team from Saint Petersburg is one of five similar 3D panoramas in the world. With its 1:1 scale, it provides an exclusive opportunity to fully immerse oneself in the atmosphere of the biggest battle of the Great Patriotic War.

Every visitor of the three-dimensional exhibition complex can emotionally relive the tragic events of those days; moreover, they can witness how the battles happened on the city's fringes. They can hear the sounds of combat and see what the real heroes of those events, their equipment, armoury, and machinery looked like: Soviet 76 mm divisional gun, German PzKpfw III tank and self-propelled unit StuG III, and many others.

Visitors can also participate in the fight for Volokolamsk, the battle in Ivanovo village at the end of December 1941, and also learn the detailed history of the heroic act of soldiers from the 64th Independent Marine Rifle Brigade.

The Battle for Moscow is the most massive and one of the bloodiest battles of the Great Patriotic War, during which Hitler's plan for blitzkrieg ("fast war") was crushed, and the myth of his army's "invincibility" was shattered. The crushing defeat of the Nazi army near Moscow was the beginning of a significant turn in the course of World War II.

The Battle for Moscow consists of two periods: the defensive period from September 30 to December 5, 1941, and the aggressive period consisting of 2 stages: the counterattack from December 6, 1941, to January 7, 1942, and the general attack of the Soviet army from January 8 to April 20, 1942.

VENUE: pavilion #57 the Historical Park "Russia - my History"
TIMIMG: daily except Mondays from 10:00 till 20:45 
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daily except Mondays
daily except Mondays
From 10:00 to 20:45