Exhibition “History of fashion: from avant-garde to GOST”

An exhibition devoted to the history of textiles and fashion of 1920-1960-es in Russia is open in the pavilion #59 “Grain”. The exhibition unites more than 100 exhibits from the collections of specialized Russian museums, archives and private collections. Original sketches, samples of fabrics, photographs, posters, costumes and fashion magazines will show the peculiarities of design of the four decades. 

The history of the Soviet industrial textiles is a real chronicle of the country. One of the most detailed sections of the exhibition is devoted to 1920. The exhibition opens with the works by Varvara Stepanova, Liubov Popova, Olga Rozanova, Alexandra Exter, Nikolai Suetin, Kazimir Malevich, Konstantin Rozhdestvensky, Nadezhda Udaltsova, Lyudmila Mayakovskaya and Ilya Chashnik.
In the mid-1920s suprematist designs gave way to propaganda. The exhibited sketches by Oscar for Grün for Trekhgornaya manufactory and Kira Shuko for Ivanovo cotton prints are filled with pathos of October events and the subsequent achievements of socialism. Important moments in the Soviet history were recorded on the shawls, manufactured by the largest textile factories - Prokhorovka, the first cotton-printing, Trekhgorka, Ivanovo-Vosnesenskiy Trust and others. One of these shawls, made in a series devoted to the "15th anniversary of the October Revolution" has a portrait of Lenin in a rare iconography of Christ in Majesty, i.e. on the throne, the roles of apocalyptic animals were given to Trotsky, Marx, Engels, and Kalinin.

In 1940-50-ies Soviet cotton chintz, staple and crepe de chine were of optimistic printing design, Small flower bouquets delicate colors and the legendary polka dot prevailed. Fabrics by Vera Sklyarova -the future chief editor of "Fashion magazine" brought to the women's life brightness, romance and dreams of a good end. After the war every fifth Soviet woman was wearing a dress with a floral print, made according to her sketches.

The last section of the exhibition is devoted to the search for new design solutions in the 1960s. The most striking example is ornaments by Anna Andreeva, an artist of the experimental department of the factory "Red Rose", the follower of Elia Belutin. Belyutin, being in charge of the training courses on Trekhgornij manufactory and plant named after Sverdlov, brought up the interest of the Soviet textile designers to the historical avant-garde and collage technique.

Today, industrial art is the sphere of product design, fabrics design and printing again becomes a space for experimentation. The exhibition "History of fashion: from avant-garde to GOST" will be of interest to anyone fascinated by the study of the culture of life.

PLACE: pavilion#59 “Grain”
TIME: from 02 December 2015 to 28 February 2016, daily except Monday from 11:00 to 22:00.
COST: adult ticket — 250 rubles, reduced fare ticket — 100 rubles.


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  • Adult ticket 250 Rub
  • Discount ticket 100 Rub
till 28 February, 2016
daily except Monday
From 11:00 to 22:00