Russia's Main exhibition offers its visitors the extensive exposition 'Preserving the Culture. Roerichs Museum at VDNH', opened in pavilion No. 13 Healthby the State Museum of Oriental Art. More than 400 paintings represent the entire artistic spectrum of Nicholas and Svetoslav Roerich.

The exhibition encompasses 45 years of Nicholas Roerich’s artistic life. The common thread running through his creative endeavours was the concept of the Kievan Rus. His genius created such well-known works as Building the Ships, Idols, Dove Book, Terra Slavonica, Yaroslav the Wise, Svyatogor and the so-called 'architectural series': about 40 studies executed by the young artist as an insight into the traditional Russian architecture. Among the renowned masterpieces included in the exhibition are The Last Angel, The Miracle, Armageddon and a number of The Himalayas paintings.

'The paintings dedicated to the Russian history have been purposefully set in the Himalayas context. The Holy Old Rus and the Himalayas are the two magnets, two pillars, as Roerich put it, the bridge to the future,'

Svetoslav Roerich, son of Nicholas, derived inspiration from the Orient, as he lived and worked in India. His paintings depict the everyday life of the Indian village; the genre scenes are impregnated with a profound philosophical mood. The Himalayan landscapes appeal to the eternal life and beauty. Exhibited are his paintings: Spring, We Are Looking For It Too, The Sacred Flute, Silence.

Svetoslav Roerich boasted a special gift for portrait painting. The exposition features the portraits of his father, his wife (the cinema star Devika Rani Roerich), Indian celebrities, politicians and saint hermits. The visitors have a rare chance to see the evangelical paintings that are usually kept away from the public view: Like In The Old Days, The Good Samaritan, Christ With Disciples, Pieta.

Preserving culture is the main legacy the Roerich family left behind for humanity. When Nicholas Roerich as a young painter was travelling across Russia, apart from creating his paintings, he already put forward the idea to preserve the antiquities and architectural heritage. Over time, that idea translated into reality with the international Roerich Pact on the protection of cultural objects during wars and armed conflicts. In 1935, the Pact was signed by 21 heads of states in both Americas. In 1954, it formed the basis of the Hague Convention.

Some psychologists, health professionals and art experts (such as the Spanish scientist Leonardo Olazabal) argue that Roerich paintings exhibit healing properties: a mere glance at them is purportedly capable of making one feel better.


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