Sightseeing tour around VDNH

This tour is especially popular among tourists. During the two-hour tour, visitors will learn many interesting facts about the “Soviet Versaille” and admire the famous fountains, the fantastic pavilions, the authentic vases, mosaics, and murals.

ATTENTION! The tour is also available in Spanish, French, Chinese and Russian.

The unique VDNH architectural and park complex is formed by 49 monuments, 45 of which are of federal significance. The magnificent pavilions of VSHV-VDNH USSR became a precious symbol of the national school of architecture, the Soviet empire style, neo-classicism and modernism. When and for what purposes was the Exhibition created? Who were the founders and architects of the main USSR Expo? And what happened at the VSHV during the Second World War? Experienced guides will help you understand the complicated history of the “Soviet Versailles” and answer all your questions about the architecture and landscape design of VSHV-VDNH.

The tour starts at the Main Entrance arch: guests take the Central Alley to pavilion #1, and then on to the square with the famous “Friendship of the People” and “Stone Flower” fountains in front of pavilions #18 (“Belorussian SSR”) and #58 (“Farming”). After that, two routes are possible.

Route #1

Guests go to Timiryazevsky Square, located in front of the “Consumer Cooperation” pavilion, from where one can see pavilion #61 (“Tsentrosoyuz”). Going farther along Lipovaya Alley, the group will find themselves in front of pavilion #62 (“Building Materials”). It is remarkable for its combination of very different styles, forms, and materials. Its central cube is composed of big blocks of hardened glass – stalinite.

Proceeding along the route, the group will see the Kolkhoz Club – building #421, built in 1939. In the post-war period it housed a sightseeing tour agency, in 1959 the foreign citizens service bureau, and since 2014 the Wedding Palace.

Then the tour participants will see the “Glavkonditer” pavilion (building #422) and “Glavkonserv” (building #510), which has housed a grocery store since 1957, and, finally, the biggest VDNH pavilion – “Space”, on the Square of Industry. Its exhibition area is almost 19,000 square meters, which is more than seven times the area of the Pushkin Museum. In order to see all halls of the pavilion, one would have to walk more than 4 kilometers. The internal dome’s diameter is 40 meters, which almost equals the diameter of St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome. Then the guide will turn the guests’ attention to the “Vostok” space launch vehicle – a copy of the spaceship that took Yuri Gagarin around the Earth in 108 minutes on 12 April 1961.

At the end of the tour, the guests may go to the interactive “Buran” museum complex, the “Moskvarium” center for ocean studies and marine biology, or continue to walk in the ponds area.

Route #2

After a stop at pavilion #18 (“Belorussian SSR”) and #58 (“Farming”), the group proceeds to pavilion #17 (“Timber Industry”), in the vicinity of which there grow exotic trees and shrubs that are unique to Moscow: ginkgo, cedar pine, smoke tree, tulip tree, Manchurian walnut, and Amur cork tree. We won’t show the exact location for fear of vandalism. Then we enter Yunnatsky Alley.

Pavilion #8 (“Young Naturalists”) is dedicated to the movement of young naturalists in the USSR, which was popular with more than 2 million pupils. By the way, one of the pavilion’s architects, Vadim Makarevich, is the father of the famous rock musician. Having seen pavilion #9 (“Young Technology Specialists”), we proceed to Round Cinerama (bldg. #541), a national engineering masterpiece from the time of Khrushchev’s “Thaw”. The Round Cinerama was the world’s only analog panorama cinema, with a 360-degree view and stereo sound!

VENUE: meet at the pavilion "Meeting Place" to the left of the Main Entrance Arch, to the left of the monument to Lenin.
TIME: daily at 11:00 a.m., 1:00 p.m., 3:00 p.m., 5:00 p.m., 7:00 p.m. and last for two hours. Upon prior reservation.The tour should be ordered beforehand on the phone +7(495)544-34-96, +7(495)544-34-73 or by e-mail: 
COST: 1 person – 400 rubles, minimum 6 people. For groups from 7 to 10 people – 3500 rubles, for groups from 11 to 20 people – 6000 rubles. 

1 person – 400 rubles, minimum 6 people. 
For groups from 6 to 10 people – 3500 rubles, for groups from 11 to 20 people – 6000 rubles. 
The tour is also available in Spanish, French, Chinese and Russian. 
Every day
Daily for the group of 6 people at least
Start time: 11:00 Start time: 13:00 Start time: 15:00 Start time: 17:00 Start time: 19:00