The "VDNH. Reconstruction" TAKEOFF project exhibition

From July 13 to August 20, 2017, VDNH will hold its first reporting exhibition of the young artists who won the Photography category in the TAKEOFF project's second season. The supervisor of the "VDNH. Reconstruction" exhibition is a famous Moscow photographer and teacher at the British High School of Design Mikhail Rozanov.


The exhibition displays the works of the young authors who won the Photography competition: Anastasia Berezhinskaya (born 1994), Mikhail Zamkovsky (born 1990), Tatiana Kazakova (born 1993), Arseniya Kovaleva (born 1994), Aleksandra Kramarova (born 1990), Roman Sazonov (born 1991) and Igor Tereshkov (born 1989). Project participants aimed to capture the unprecedented transformations occurring in VDNH, which is currently in an era of dynamic reconstruction.

As the pride of the capital, VDNH also historically served as inspiration for photographers of the USSR, including Dmitry Baltermantz, Ivan Shaghin, Vladislav Mikoshi, Naum Granovsky, Boris Ignatovich, Mark Markov-Grinberg and many others. Today, after many years in limbo, VDNH is now once again turning back into Moscow's largest centre for the arts. In addition to the reconstruction of buildings and restoration of the historical image of the complex, the pavilions of the exhibition now hold expositions of modern art.

The Reconstruction project envisions VDNH as a complex, live organism constantly developing in time, while also preserving ties between the past and future. It is no accident that the exhibition includes photographs and documents from the funds of VDNH.

The exhibition's works were taken in the genre of architectural photography, which is often used as a documentary form to reflect physical changes and transformations. At the same time, it gives guests the opportunity to see the unique expanses of VDNH through the eyes of young artists. History viewed through the lens of contemporary life will help look at long-familiar objects in a new way.

The exhibition consists of four themed blocks containing examples of professional architectural photography, as well as artistic photography, documentary pictures, and works devoted to the interaction between the reconstructed objects of VDNH and everyday life.


The TAKEOFF project was launched at VDNH last spring on 21 May 2016. Its main task is to find new talented individuals, and support young professionals working in the sphere of contemporary culture. This year TAKEOFF launched its second season. Svetlana Taylor (Photography), Elena Selina (Art), Igor Gurovich (Design), Sergey Choban (Architecture) and Olga Shishko (Video Art) curated the five different project areas. An open contest was held from 10 March until 5 April 2016 to select participants (an additional creative contest in Video Art and Design was held from 15 April until 31 May 2016). The curators chose the winners, taking into consideration the recommendations of an expert board composed of directors of major Russian museums, famous designers and architects, as well as experts in photography. The TAKEOFF project culminated in five exhibitions, which were held from May 2016 until January 2017 in the Yak-42 airplane: "Permissible noise level during a flight", "Nubis", "Recycling", "No adults allowed. A real children's plane", and "Quartet for the End of Time".

The author of the Quartet for the End of Time exhibition Elena Skripkina won the special "Innovation" award (or the top and most respected Russian award in the modern art world) in the New Generation category, which was founded by the French Institute and the Embassy of France in Russia.

TIME: July 13 - August 20, 2017.
VENUE: VDNH, pavilion No. 16 "Hydrometeorology".
COST: full price: 100 roubles; discount tickets for schoolchildren, students and pensioners: 50 roubles; children under 6 years, orphaned children, children without parental care, disabled persons, veterans of the Great Patriotic War, and multi-child families: free.

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