The life of bees and The Big Hive at the new Beekeeping Museum

Visitors of the Main Exhibition of the Country can now learn about the life of bees at the new Beekeeping Museum at VDNH's Pavilion No. 28. The exposition includes a science and history section,multimedia and interactive halls, a honey laboratory, an installation called The Big Beehive, a lifelike model of a bee, and much more.

At the science and history exposition, visitors will learn about the work of beekeepers, the tools of the trade, modern and ancient beehives and different types of bees, and see the body structure of a bee, as illustrated by a lifelike animatronic model.

The multimedia hall includes an area with showings of scientific documentaries. The specially made animation "10 Facts about Bees" will tell visitors how many times per second a bee beats its wings, from what distance it can smell a flower, and other interesting information about the insects.

At the interactive hall, which includes a virtual-reality zone, visitors will learn about every stage of honey production. The Big Beehive will offer them an opportunity to become part of a "bee house," see magnified honeycombs, and hear characteristic buzzing.

The Honey Laboratory has been opened as part of the exposition. At the Laboratory, visitors can perform rapid honey-quality tests with microscopes and other specialised devices.
The central object of the exposition, sure to draw the attention of every visitor, is a real live beehive. It will be possible to observe the life of a bee family throughout the course of a year.

PLEASE NOTE! By 1 November 2017, visits to the pavilion are available only upon prior application!

VENUE: Pavilion No. 28, Beekeeping.
TIME: daily from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. except the last Friday of every month
PRICE: children under 14 on weekdays: 300 roubles, children under 14 on weekends: 500 roubles, adults on weekdays: 500 roubles, adults on weekends: 700 roubles. Seniors, persons with level 2 or 3 disabilities, students, as well as a person accompanying a person with level 1 disability: 250 roubles. WWII veterans, persons with level 1 disabilities: free of charge.
CONTACT: +7 (495) 507-0809.
WEBSITE: пчелавднх.рф

daily from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. except the last Friday of every month