Winter City at VDNH

A real Winter City will open at the Main Exhibition of the country on 30 November. It will start from the square in front of the Main entrance arch. Its illumination design and an anniversary work of art will create a special festive atmosphere, and the Central Alley will turn into a 150-metre luminous river, which will lead directly to the main New Year's tree at VDNH.


Flower Garden skating rink

The Flower Garden skating rink will be situated in the Central Alley between the Friendship of Peoples and The Stone Flower fountains, where 1200 people can skate simultaneously. The ice will cover an area of more than 4500 square metres. The centrepiece of the rink will be a New Year's art object of nine transparent spheres with a diameter of 5 to 9 m, resembling glass balls. There will be decorations inside each sphere.

The Flower Garden will turn into a theatre venue on the opening day of the City of Winter. The famous Australian theatre, Strange Fruit, will present its show entitled Spheres here. It has toured more than 50 countries and won the hearts of more than 50 million viewers. The luminous spheres which are seven metres high will tell about the miracle of the Universe's birth and the beauty of this world. Each performance of Strange Fruit delights the viewers and causes admiration. Visitors to VDNH can see this incredible show at 7 p.m. After the festive fireworks, the greeting of winter will continue with a flash mob dance and games with entertainers dressed in fabulous colourful costumes which look like objects of art. Visitors can also attend the Kingdom of Distorting Mirrors photo area and see some magic mirror sleds.

Rocket skating rink

Meanwhile, actors from the Strange Fruit Theatre will give a performance at the second skating rink at VDNH, the Rocket rink, which is the largest object in the City of Winter. People can skate around the model of the Vostok rocket which will be the centre of the new venue. Visitors can enjoy the incredible Swoon show, after which first festive fireworks will start together with the disco from Swanky Tunes. Visitors to the rink can play with mobile art objects, take a selfie at the neon photo area and much more. The skating rink located at the Square of Industry is designed for 2400 people and is focused on active, sporty and dynamic recreation. Its area will be more than 8500 square metres.

Tubing slide

Fans of extreme tubing can visit the "The North" tubing slide. Each visitor can take part in a mass descent from the hill by joining one of the five teams with unusual animated characters in colourful costumes being in the lead. The height of the hill is 7 m, and with the outrun it's about 80 m. A barlift will be used to raise the tubes.


Curling fans can visit the covered pavilion near the Friendship of Peoples fountain. The maximum number of players on one track is ten people.


There will be a venue for yukigassen between the Friendship of Peoples fountain and the Central pavilion, where there will be a real championship on the opening day among teams under flags of different countries of the world. Two teams of up to ten people each will be able to simultaneously play this exciting team game of snowballs from Japan. One session is 30 minutes.


An extensive entertainment programme is planned for the whole season in the City of Winter. Visitors to the Exhibition can expect: ice skating on weekends, Friday parties, dance master classes and much more. There is a special entertainment programme scheduled for Christmas, 14 and 23 February, Maslenitsa and 8 March.

The City of Winter will work from 30 November–10 March.
Opening times: on week days from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m., on weekends from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. On Mondays there is a technical break on the skating rinks.
Please visit the site for information about tickets and the schedule.

starting from 30 November 2018