Moscow's tallest snow tubing slide

Starting 23 December 2017, a tubing slide complex "Raketa" will open on the Square of Industry at VDNH for the whole 2017–2018 winter season. It will be set around the Fountain basin by the model space rocket "Vostok". The complex consists of two slopes of different height and length with separate tubing launch ramps to avoid long queues. The bigger slope is 20 metres tall and 180 metres long. The smaller slope is 12 metres tall and 120 metres long.

You can ride down the slope from the starting point at the Cosmos pavilion swiftly sliding right to pavilion No. 57 and riding around the fountain at the Square of Industry. The tubing slide complex can hold more than 100 people at once. For the convenience of visitors, the complex has two lifts for the tubes.

The tubing slide complex "Raketa" is enhanced with the "Solar System", a large-scale art installation of nine shining planets, the Sun and a magic planet called New Year with a diameter starting from 2.5 and reaching up to 10 metres. In the evenings, the complex will be lit by more than 600 lights. The launching ramps of the slopes offer a unique panoramic view over the VDNH's main alley, previously only visible from the Cosmos pavilion roof. From now on, every visitor of the tubing complex will experience the panoramic view, which will make the tubing an unforgettable experience.

Visitors can enjoy their meal in fresh air at a space-themed food court situated on the right side of the slide complex. During the winter holidays, a New Year's fair will welcome the park's visitors. 15 stores will offer hot-dogs and burgers, pilaf, pancakes, meat delicacies as well as specialities of Spanish, Czech and Tatar cuisines.

Visitors can get passes for 1 or 5 rides. The use of tubes is included in the price of the pass. Visitors under 3 years are not allowed to ride the slopes. For safety reasons, only children over 110 cm tall can ride the slopes. Also, young visitors can rent a helmet.

VENUE: VDNH, Square of Industry.
OPENING TIMES: 23 December 2017 — 18 February 2018: 11.00 am — 11.00 pm on working days, 10.00 am — 11.00 pm on weekends and holidays. The complex is open all day, but is closed on Mondays for technical reasons.
TICKET OFFICE WORKING HOURS: 11.00 am — 10.00 pm on working days, 10.00 am — 10.00 pm on weekends and holidays.


Tue — Thu: One ride — 100 roubles, 5 rides — 300 roubles.

Fri to Sun, including holidays: One ride — 150 roubles, 5 rides — 400 roubles.

Children (visitors under 140 cm*):

Tue — Thu: One ride — 50 roubles, 5 rides — 200 roubles.

Fri to Sun, including holidays: One ride — 100 roubles, 5 rides — 300 roubles.

* Children smaller than 110 cm should be accompanied by adults, and those under 3 years are not allowed to ride the slopes in the complex.

50 % Discount: From Tuesday to Thursday for all pensioners, pupils and students of higher education institutes of the Russian Federation.

FREE OF CHARGE: From Tuesday to Thursday, orphaned children without parental care, disabled persons as well as a person accompanying, veterans of the Great Patriotic War, and multi-child families if the youngest child is under 16.

List of documents certifying the benefits eligibility status:

Orphaned children without parental care: Document verifying child's orphanage (together with a valid passport or ID card): The guardianship department certificate on orphan status; deprivation of parental rights certificate; a copy of the court decision on the caretaker; a copy of the court decision on assignment to children's home.

Disabled children: medical and social care assessment results in the established format (together with a valid passport or ID card).

Family members with three or more children with the youngest one being under 16 (multiple children): Multiple children family certificate.

Pensioners: Pension certificate or Muskovite's Social Card.

Great Patriotic War veterans: Great Patriotic War veteran certificate.

Person accompanying the disabled children: the document verifying the benefit of the accompanied person.

Full-time students of higher professional education in the Russian Federation: student ID (of the established format) or Moscow Student Social Card.

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