Museum of Fashion by Alexandre Vassiliev: Resort Fashion exhibition

The Resort Fashion exhibition dedicated to beach- and resortwear of the 20th century opens at Pavilion No. 16 Hydrometeorology at VDNH. This exhibition will continue the cycle of projects organised in collaboration with the Alexandre Vassiliev Foundation.

The exhibition is devoted to the development of swimwear. Visitors will be able to appreciate the range, regardless of whether they choose resortwear based on personal habit and preferred type of holiday or they follow the current fashion trends.

The exposition will feature items of beachwear from the past century: knit woollen swimwear worn by both women and men; beach suits of the 1920s; the first two-piece bathing suits of the 1930s; and early swim shorts and Bermuda shorts that became fashionable under American influence. Visitors will also see the first bikinis, revolutionary mini dresses of the 1960s, sarafans and straw hats worn by hippies, rubber bathing caps, sunglasses, parasols, and a lot more.

Alexandre Vassiliev is a fashion historian, art critic, collector, interior decorator, stage designer, writer and publicist, lecturer, TV presenter, and honorary member of the Russian Academy of Arts.

The famous Russian fashion designer Cyrille Gassiline is the curator of the exhibition. The creative collaboration of Alexandre Vassiliev and Cyrille Gassiline began almost a decade and a half ago, when in 2004, Cyrille prepared an exhibition of costumes from different eras from Alexandre Vassiliev's collection in Istanbul. Since then, they have implemented a number of joint projects together.

The Resort Fashion exhibition will be accompanied by unique photos, fashion magazines, sketches of summer dresses and old postcards with views of resorts.

About the exhibition:

Dates: 1 August — 4 November 2018.
Venue: Pavilion No. 16 Hydrometeorology, VDNH, Moscow.
Curator: Cyrille Gassiline.
Organiser: JSC VDNH.
Opening hours: 11 a.m. – 10 p.m. (except Mondays).
Admission: adults — 300 roubles, children 6-16, full-time students and pensioners — 100 roubles.
Free of charge: children under 6, orphans, abandoned children, people with disabilities, veterans of the Second World War and members of large families with at least one child under 16.