Proof of Humanity Exhibition by the TAKEOFF project

On 20 June 2018, the first exhibition of winners of the TAKEOFF project contest's third season was opened at VDNH. A Yak-42 aircraft mounted on Industry Square became the venue for the project.

The Proof of Humanity Exhibition is a collection of works by the winners of the TAKEOFF project contest in the Art & Science category. They will present the philosophy and evolution of a new generation of artists and their view on the relationship between art and science. Natalia Fuchs, art critic, researcher of new media, founder of the ARTYPICAL art practice, advisor to the Barbican Centre in Great Britain and the Center for Art and Media (ZKM) in Germany, is curating this section. According to the curator, the winners' works reflect the critical metamorphoses of the present and the specifics of human interaction with science and technology in the creative process.

Six young Russian artists take part in the exhibition, each of them working with different technologies as expressive means.

Anastasia Alekhina, a graduate from the Rodchenko School, proposes transforming the aesthetic views of modern man with the help of electronics. Anastasia created wearable electronic devices made out of safe materials. Thanks to these devices, the appearance of a person and his/her personality are being transformed.

Sound producer and sound artist Yulia Glukhova explores archetypal ideas about dreams through interactive technologies and unique possibilities of visual perception. She uses computer vision technology that can recognise eyes and their blinking.

Alexander Priymachenko, a construction engineer by education and also a graduate from the Rodchenko School, is seeking in his project to comprehend the phenomenon of visual memory of a human, who is immersed in a virtual environment.

Petersburg residents Denis Protopopov and Kristina Maloletkina in their Voyeur project are studying the nature of human interaction with the world of augmented reality. The artists created a project that is designed to destroy the accepted distinction between the real and virtual and also to show the role of the technological medium in modern society and in human relationships.

The debutant of the project Philip Igumnov connected the earthly world with outer space in retro-futuristic digital collages.

The exhibition is accompanied by a parallel programme, during which there will be discussions with artists about the place and role of a person in the modern technological world, as well as two creative meetings with Anastasia Alekhina and Yulia Glukhova and audiovisual performances.


The TAKEOFF project started at VDNH on 21 May 2016. Its main task is to find new talent and to support young professionals working in the sphere of contemporary culture. Within the project, young authors are given the opportunity to implement their creative ideas and make an exhibition at VDNH. Competition winners work under the supervision of experienced curators and during the project get acquainted with the technology of organising and holding exhibition projects.

VENUE: VDNH, Industry Square, Yak-42 aircraft.
HOURS: 20 June – 12 July 2018, every day except Monday from 11:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.
ADMISSION: 100 roubles. Discount tickets for schoolchildren, students and pensioners: 50 roubles; children under 6 years, orphaned children, children without parental care, disabled persons, veterans of the Great Patriotic War and multi-child families: free.