"Coat of the Urals" exhibition within the "TAKEOFF" project

The "Coat of the Urals" exhibition will open in Pavilion No. 16 "Hydrometeorology". This exposition is dedicated to fashion in the context of the provincial atmosphere of the city of Nizhny Tagil, enclosed in images, objects and music. It presents the works of Alisa Gorshenina, the artist and designer from Nizhny Tagil, who won the Fashion category in the TAKEOFF project. Mikhail Baryshnikov curated the category and the exhibition.

According to Mikhail Baryshnikov, the exhibition curator, the project of Alisa Gorshenina is an attempt to demonstrate the transformation of contemporary art in the space of fashion and design, where a person is given the role of a passive consumer. It is no longer traditional for the fashion environment to look for meanings; fashion has only a decorative role now. Therefore, it is especially important for us to show how manual, couture work (embroidery and inlay, complex cutting and work with fabrics) can become a tool for a social message and art manifesto.

"Fashion does not make people better or worse. Today's doublespeak and distortion of the information field create a semblance of activity inside the fashion environment. A situation, which developed at a given geographical point is being projected onto the whole industry. This global distortion is the main theme of Alisa's work," says Mikhail.

"The province is a special life space, far from the big world. Here people live by their traditions, solve other problems and simply lead a different lifestyle.

The animal component of human nature is clearly visible in the Urals. Similar to animals, people here do not live; they manage to stay alive. It's all because of the distorted space of the area, which affects the consciousness of people. The Urals are filled with the distortion of reality, but not everyone can recognise this information. All Ural inhabitants feel the plight, which they call a "burden", but I call it the coma of the Urals. And this is not a myth, but reality, a natural phenomenon given to us as a test or simply given for no reason.

The "Coat of the Urals" project portrays the fashion (in the broadest sense of the word) of the Urals, filled with distorted local myths, legends and magic floating in the air. This is a tribute to all the Ural inhabitants whom I see daily and study. To people who feel what I do, but refuse to accept it. My works are dedicated to their inner essence, now forced to the outside, and my provincial reality, enclosed in images, objects and music... " — this is how Alisa Gorshenina describes her project.


The TAKEOFF project started at VDNH on 21 May 2016. Its main task is to find new talent and to support young professionals working in the sphere of contemporary culture. Within the project, young authors are given the opportunity to implement their creative idea and participate in the exhibition at VDNH. Competition winners work under the supervision of experienced curators and during the project get acquainted with the technology of organising and holding exhibition projects.

In the first season of the TAKEOFF project, five exhibitions were held. The project site was a Yak-42 aircraft mounted on Industry Square at VDNH.

The second season of the TAKEOFF competition was conducted in five categories: Photography, Contemporary Art, Graphic Design, Video Art and Fashion. Renovated Pavilion No. 16 "Hydrometeorology" became a new project site and hosted an exhibition of young photographers "VDNH. Reconstruction" and two projects-winners in the Graphic Design category — "Bad for Worse" and "I'm Looking, Nowhere to be Found", as well as the RETINA project of Larisa Fedotova. In the space of the Yak-42 plane, there was an installation entitled "Field" by Ekaterina Choporova, the winner in the Contemporary Art category.

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VENUE: Pavilion No. 16, "Hydrometeorology".
TIME: every day except Mondays from 2—25 March 2018, from 11:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.
PRICE: 100 roubles. Discount tickets for schoolchildren, students and pensioners: 50 roubles; children under 6 years, orphaned children, children without parental care, disabled persons, veterans of the Great Patriotic War (WWII) and multi-child families: free.