TAKEOFF - Exhibition-Forecast

The Takeoff - Exhibition-Forecast will open on Friday, 28 April 2017 at VDNH in the reconstructed Pavilion No. 16 (Hydrometeorology). This project unites the works of young artists, considered by professionals as the future stars of Russian art. The exposition will showcase nearly 40 works. The greatest number of them were created especially for this exhibition.

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Curators of the project are Katya Bochavar, Alexander Yevangeli and Sergey Kasich, who are proposing to look into tomorrow through the prism of knowledge, premonition and chance events. This exposition will tell about the contemporary vision of the future, will show its ideas and images.

Separated spaces of the pavilion will reflect different aspects of the forecast: anticipation of trends, data analysis and inevitable deviations from the general dynamics. These will be presented in the exposition as three semantic zones: Premonition, Knowledge and Chance Events.

Premonition Zone

In the Premonition Zone, guests of the exhibition will see installations, objects and sketches of large-scale ideas devoted to the authors' vision of the future. Participants of this zone are: Dmitry Gilen, Donatas Grudovich, Fyodor Dodonov, Zinaida Isupova, Dmitry Kashuba, Sasha Kim, Anton Kushayev, Galina Leonova, Victoria Marchenkova, Elena Mikhailova, Anastasia Myakinina, Denis Patrakeyev, Anastasia Polyakova, Lena Skripina, Konstantin Filonenko, the band "Where the Dogs are Running to" and the band, // double.solidus.

Knowledge Zone

In the Knowledge Zone, eight screens will broadcast video works in mockumentary, science fiction genres and present documentation of expert opinions about the future. Famous artists, scientists, philosophers, art critics, and also ordinary citizens who wished to express their opinions on this difficult subject, will take on the role of futurologists. Authors of presented works are Karina Besolti, Kseniya Galkina, Dmitry Gelfand, Evelina Domnich, Nikita Ivanov, Natalya Kasyanova, Galina Leonova, Victoria Marchenkova, Pavel Pepperstein, Lyudmila Savelyeva.

Chance Events Zone

The Chance Events Zone will introduce to the audience audio installations created by young Russian composers and sound artists, according to the principle of chance events. Presenting their projects are Fyodor Vetkalov, Vadim Kolosov, Sasha Puchkova, Ivan Razmakhov, Nikita Rasskazov, Karya Rekk, Andrey SuperBelov, Alexander Khokhlov, Antanas Yazinevichyus, Alex Twister.

This exhibition is being conducted under the TAKEOFF project.


The TAKEOFF project started at VDNH on 21 May 2016. Its main task is to find new talents and to support young professionals engaged in different spheres of contemporary culture. The TAKEOFF opened its second season; applications for participation in the TAKEOFF contest may be filed from 5 April until 15 May 2017, in the categories Contemporary Art, Graphic Design, Photography, and Video Art. This contest will select young authors whose exhibitions will be conducted at VDNH this year or at the beginning of next year. In the 2017-2018 season, the venue of exhibitions will be the Pavilion No. 16 (Hydrometeorology), which is being opened for visitors after its reconstruction.

VENUE: Pavilion No. 16 (Hydrometeorology).
DATE AND TIME: daily from 28 April until 25 June 2017, except Mondays, from 11:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.
COST: full price ticket is 300 roubles, discount tickets for schoolchildren, students, pensioners — 100 roubles, children under 6 years, orphaned children, children without parental care, disabled persons, veterans of the Great Patriotic War, multi-child families — free.


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till june 25, 2017
Daily exept Mondays
From 11:00 to 22:00