Review of restaurants, cafes and street food at VDNH

Restaurants and cafes of VDNH

Restaurant "Osteria Italiana"

Italian cuisine
PLACE: located in the building #619, behind the pavilion #68.
CONTACT INFO: +7 (495) 974-30-59.
WORKING HOURS: Monday - Sunday 11:00–23:00

Restaurant "Fishing village"

Freshly caught fish, cooked, following a recipe. Trout, sturgeon, beluga, pike.any fish you choose will be cooked in front of you.
PLACE: in the building 615, between Likhiborskiy entrance and the pond.
CONTACT INFO: +7(495)772-90-72.
WORKING HOURS: Monday - Sunday 10.00-23.00, seven days a week
WEB SITE:Рыбацкая-Деревня

Cafe "Friendship"

Pizza, pasta, pelmeni, steaks, salads, Vietnamese soup Fo-Choy, gluehwein, desserts

PLACE: At the Main Alley, to the left of the Central pavilion, cornerwise from the fountain "Friendship of the peoples".
CONTACT INFO: +7(925)704-08-00.

Svadba Soyek (Wedding of Jays) cafe

Georgian cuisine: shoti, khinkali, luleh kebab, different types of shashlyk, chicken soup

PLACE: next to pavilion No. 43
WORKING HOURS: daily from 12 pm to 11 pm
CONTACT INFO: +7(495) 117-82-97

Ottepel (Snowbreak) Restaurant

Burgers, Russian tartar, rassolnik with chicken giblets, pickled mushrooms and smoked sour cream, spicy mackerel with potato doughnuts

PLACE: left of the rocket, near Green Theatre
WORKING HOURS: daily from 12 pm to midnight
CONTACT INFO: +7(925)317-43-15

Leto (Summer) Cafe

Shashlyk, cold soups, crisp vegetable salads, pizza

PLACE: in front of Zolotoy Kolos (Golden Spike) Fountain
WORKING HOURS: only open in summer: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Sun: from 12 pm to 11 pm; Fri, Sat: from 12 pm to midnight
CONTACT INFO: +7(985) 803-77-88

Anderson na Dache (Anderson at the countryhouse) Cafe

A family cafe with a wide choice of dishes for adults and children: baked goods, Belgian waffles with maple syrup, chocolate tarts, almond cakes and meringues, truffles and eclairs, pirozhki, cookies, croissants, marmalade, and marzipans.

PLACE: in front of pavilion No. 7 Semena (Seed)
WORKING HOURS: daily from 10 am to 11 pm, children's play area: daily from 10 am to 10 pm
CONTACT INFO: +7(495)104-37-11

Restaurant "Ararat"

Armenia cuisine: khinkali, dolma, lamb soup, a large variety of kebab, as well as good wines.

PLACE: on the first floor of pavilion #68 "Armenia"
WORKING HOURS: seven days a week from 11:00 till 23:00.

Cafe "Moscow Sky"(build. 422)

New Soviet cuisine: Olyotorsky herring with camelina oil, creative solyanka, Olivier; vertutas.

CONTACT INFO: +7(495)988-26-56
WORKING HOURS: Daily, seven days a week from 12:00 till 0:00.

Café in the pavilion #75

Four different salads, three soups, several hot dishes and garnishing, as well as fresh pastry.

PLACE: on the first floor of the pavilion #75, in the zone C.
WORKING HOURS:from Monday to Friday, 11:30 - 18:00, as well as on Weekends and during exhibitions.

Cafe "Temp"

Pizza, gazpacho, meatballs, fish dishes, homemade pickles, tea with thyme, brought from the Altai Mountains

PLACE: to the right of the Main Entrance Arch of VDNH
WORKING HOURS:Monday — Friday: 9:00–23:00; weekends and holidays: 11:00–23:00.
CONTACT INFO:+7 (499) 502-43-87

Cafe "Tea house"

More than two hundred tea varieties from China

PLACE: in the pavilion #29
WORKING HOURS:Monday — Friday: 10:00–18:00, Weekends and holidays: 10:00–19:00.

Cafe "Urozhay"

A variety of salads, soups, stews, chicken, buckwheat, pasta, rice with vegetables and fruit drinks!

PLACE: Canteen "Urozhay" is located in the administrative building #230, next to the pavilion #75.
WORKING HOURS:Monday-Friday 8.30-17.00. Saturday /Sunday - weekends.
CONTACT INFO:+7 (915) 381-90-90


Mini coffee houses Coffee and the City

Coffee in large cups, muffins, cookies, dough nuts.

PLACE: 4 mini coffee houses located along the Central Alley of VDNH.
WORKING HOURS:daily from 10:00 to 22:00

Moscow Ice cream (Baskin Robbins)

Confectionery and milk shakes, including ice cream brand "VDNH"

PLACE: on the square of Industry (between #26 "Transport" and #32 "Cosmos")
CONTACT INFO:+7 (495) 967-37-01
WORKING HOURS:Monday -Sunday 10.00-22.00, seven days a week

Food street at the Alley of Cosmonauts and the Main Alley of VDNH

All food street places work from 10:00 tillb22:00. The visitors to the exhibition are welcome to try the food offered by the following companies:

Cheshsko mesto

Traditional European dishes

Edim stoya (We eat standing)

Real Israeli street food – shawarma and falafel balls

Make my day

Tasty coffee and mouth-watering crispy Belgian waffles for fair prices from real enthusiasts

Noodle mama

Traditional Chinese noodles and only with Chinese spices.

Glow Sub

Meat, fish, and chicken sandwiches, scrambled eggs, beverages and fresh pastry.

Tutti Fritti

French fries with onion rings, calamari, tempura vegetables, fish and chips, fruit in caramel, Italian panzerotti.

Giovanni Pizza

Pizza "Margarita", "Four Cheeses", "Picanto" pizzas with chicken and seafood, pizza roll of two different types.

What's Up Dog

Gourmet hot dogs with sausage, spicy paprika, chicken, beef frankfurter, hot cheese, beef chilli, cucumber Relish, and coleslaw.

Bread & Beef

Roast beef sandwich, sandwich with salmon, hot dog, fresh juices and aromatic coffee made of freshly roasted beans.

Tea height

Graded Chinese tea, tea cocktails with fir cones, ginger, cloudberries, spruce syrup, ice cream, sorbets with apple fruit candy and cider, feijoa and tarragon, Indian spices, flowers and berries, cakes with cloudberries, myrtle and blueberry pancake rolls, marzipan bagels.

Stolichniye doughnuts

Donuts, Spanish Churros dessert of custard dough, freshly brewed coffee, homemade fruit compote, ice cream.

Cafés in Ostankino Park

Restaurant "О'Kino"

Syrian-Lebanese and European cuisine: Flatbread with lamb, roasted on coals; veal in a spicy garlic-lemon sauce; hummus, Mutabal, Baba ghanoush
PLACE: Ostankino Park , 1st Ostankino street, estate 7А, build. 19.
CONTACT INFO: +7 (495) 617-81-65.
WORKING HOURS:Monday - Sunday 12:00–0:00, seven days a week.

Mobile coffee shop Kaldi's

Coffee, smoothies, milkshakes.

"Love –café"

Russian cuisine, a wide selection of hot drinks and mulled wine with brandy and liqueurs.
PLACE: 1st Ostankino street, estate 7А, build. 17
CONTACT INFO: +7 (495) 726-04-45, +7(916) 258-38-30.
WORKING HOURS:daily from 10:00 till 0:00.

Food court between VDNH pavilions #66 and 64

All food court places work from 10:00 till 22:00. The entrances are equipped with ramps for the convenience of people with disabilities. The visitors to the exhibition can try hot food and drinks offered by the following cafes and restaurants:

Shrimp Box

Grilled shrimp and much more


Traditional Vietnamese dishes – famous Pho soup, restaurant-exclusive Pho noodles with chicken or tofu

Gyros for Heroes

Greek cuisine: gyros with chicken, fresh vegetables and fries, cold soup, pita burger.


Burgers and hot dogs


Soups, porridges, pelmeni, salads, meatballs, pancakes, desserts


Buns, steamed cooked without butter and eggs. Fillings - meat, fish, vegetable; coffee, smoothies, syrups, soft drinks, milk shakes

Those doughnuts

Homemade doughnuts

Crimean cheburek

Big chebureks with meat or cheese, vegetable salad, belyashes and pies

Stone Age

Arabian rolls with different meat or fish fillings, hot soups, samosa, cheese sigars and French fries

Bread & Beef

Roast beef sandwich, sandwich with salmon, hot dog, fresh juices and aromatic coffee made of freshly roasted beans.

Puff Point

Puff is a big profiteroles made of choux pastry, strictly according to the technology of the Japanese network Beard Papa's/b>