• 22 september 2017

    The Festival of Glass in Crafts Park with musical performances on a glass harp and a glass-bottle xylophone a science show in the history park Russia — My History

    Weekend program: The Festival of Glass in Crafts Park, featuring a gorgeous array of objets d'art, installations and paintings, free master classes and handicrafts as well as a "Rock on vinyl" evening with vintage records playing in the Museum of Vintage Music.
  • 21 september 2017

    Musicians to play glass harp and tuned bottles at VDNH

    On 23 and 24 September 2017, Moscow Glass Fest will be held for the first time in the Park of Crafts at VDNH. The programme includes an exhibition and glassware fair, a historical reconstruction "Ancient Glasswork", and many other events. The festival has a fitting musical programme — glass harp prodigy Alexander Lemeshev will perform with a string quartet and tuned bottle musician Fyodor Grigoriev.

  • 19 september 2017

    Results of the VDNH Summer Educational Programme: 200 lecturers, 145 events and over 15,000 visitors

    The second season of the VDNH Summer Educational Programme has drawn to a close. Over the past three months — from 17 June to 17 September — VDNH hosted 145 lectures, workshops, creative meetings and concerts, which were visited by more than 15,000 people in total.

  • 19 september 2017

    Russia Through The Camera Lens: VDNH launches a series of public lectures with famous travel photographers

    The "Russia – My History" Historical Park at VDNH and the Russian Geographical Society have organised "Russia Through The Camera Lens", a joint project dedicated to the study of Russia through photography. Visitors will have the chance to meet professional travel photographers from 23 September to 22 October 2017, at VDNH's Pavilion No. 57. Taking part in the project are internationally-renowned documentary photographers with experience of exploring the most beautiful and remote corners of our country – from Kamchatka to the islands of the Gulf of Finland.

  • 15 september 2017

    Concert by Alisa Ten and Vanya Zhuk, Twin Peaks theme in the Worker and Kolkhoz Woman Pavilion, the Fishing and Hunting in Russia Exhibition at VDNH EXPO

    Agenda for the weekend: the closure of the Summer Educational Programme at the Worker and Kolkhoz Woman Pavilion will be remembered with interesting lectures on the architecture of VDNH, the mobile technology revolution, the style and design of Twin Peaks series, as well as a concert by Alisa Ten and Vanya Zhuk. Other events: Fishing and Hunting in Russia Exhibition in Pavilion No. 75 EXPO, test drive of the Volkswagen Tiguan.
  • 14 september 2017

    Everything You Need for the Autumn-Winter Season at the Hunting and Fishing in Rus Exhibition

    On 14 September 2017, the Hunting and Fishing in Rus International Exhibition opened at VDNH EXPO. For four days, lovers of outdoor activities will be able to choose and purchase all the essentials at Pavilion No. 75: the best equipment, vehicles, special gear and accessories. More than 600 Russian and foreign companies are presenting their goods and services.

  • 11 september 2017

    Report on the restoration of Pavilion No. 58 'Agriculture'

    This week, the joint project of the Department of Cultural Heritage of Moscow and VDNH is focused on Pavilion No. 58 'Agriculture' (Ukrainian SSR), famous for its colourful ceramic facade cladding, sculptural ensembles at the entrance and mosaic-decorated coat of arms made of stucco. As early as the end of September, the scaffolding will start to be removed, and visitors will be able to see the pavilion's rich exterior decor after being completely restored for the first time. The restoration of the exterior of the pavilion is now almost complete.

  • 11 september 2017

    130,000 people have visited the 30th Moscow International Book Fair at VDNH EXPO

    On 10 September 2017, the 30th Moscow International Book Fair was completed. In five days, 720 events were held at the 12 thematic spots of Pavilion No. 75 at VDNH. More than 130 thousand book fans visited the Jubilee MIBF.

  • 11 september 2017

    More than half a million people celebrated City Day at VDNH

    On 9 and 10 September 2017, as is traditional, VDNH became one of the main sites of Moscow's City Day. More than 50 events in the holiday programme, 17 interactive Children Cities, and more than 500 thousand visitors — this is the scale of the celebration of the 870th anniversary of the capital at the Main Exhibition of the country.

  • 8 september 2017

    City Day with young architects, a gala concert featuring brass bands at the Stage on the Water, retrofuturism at the Park of Crafts

    Weekend programme: On City Day, as per tradition, VDNH is turning into Children’s City, and the theme of this holiday will be architecture. The small guests of the Country’s Main Exhibition will turn into young engineers, designers and builders. Among other surprises, there will be: A Brass Band Festival gala concert in Ostankino Park, creation of a microcity, a lot of free workshops, and a concert by the iconic band Megapolis in the Park of Crafts.  
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