• 10 december 2018

    Introducing the winter issue of At VDNH magazine!

    What special surprises in store for guests at Russia's Main Exhibition? What fun activities await? The latest issue of At VDNH magazine (No. 6 Winter 2018/2019) reveals the most exciting and important events of the season.
  • 30 november 2018

    N. Sergunina: Winter City at VDNH is a new urban format for active winter recreation

    Today, November 30, VDNH opens the Winter City: a large-scale area for active family recreation. It will operate throughout winter season until March 10, and it includes a dozen different sites: two skating rinks, a children's snowmobile track, places for team games like curling and snowballs, fairs, and colourful lighting installations. The Winter City covers a total area of more than 34,000 square metres. Both rinks alone exceed 13,000 square metres. This was reported by Deputy Moscow Mayor, Natalia Sergunina.
  • 27 november 2018

    S. Sobyanin: VDNH to become the Main Place for Winter Recreation

    Moscow Mayor, Sergey Sobyanin, wrote in his personal blog that he invites Muscovites to visit parks and other popular places for outdoor entertainment. "The main place for winter recreation will be VDNH," the mayor said.
  • 26 november 2018

    Winter City to be Built at VDNH

    A real Winter City will open at the Main Exhibition of the country on 30 November. It will start from the square in front of the Main entrance arch. Its illumination design and an anniversary work of art will create a special festive atmosphere, and the Central Alley will turn into a 150-metre luminous river, which will lead directly to the main New Year's tree at VDNH.
  • 23 november 2018

    New Original Winter Coffee Appears at VDNH

    A resident of the Park of Crafts, the coffee laboratory, Smart Coffee, has developed a new original drink called "Winter at VDNH", which you can taste from 26 November at only three points in the Exhibition.
  • 16 november 2018

    VDNH to host an exhibition of masterpieces from the Samara Art Museum

    A unique exhibition entitled Major Characters. Selected Works from the Collection of the Samara Art Museum will open on 5 December in the Worker and Kolkhoz Woman Pavilion at VDNH as part of its own Resident project, an inter-museum exchange programme. It will feature iconic canvases by Russian artists and rare exhibits from the museum’s oriental collection. It will be the first time such a large-scale exhibition is run in Moscow.
  • 15 november 2018

    Second season of Resident project at VDNH to open with exhibition about life and work of Mikhail Bulgakov

    On 5 December 2018, the Worker and Kolkhoz Woman Pavilion will host "The Appearance of the Hero. In Search of Mikhail Bulgakov" exhibition, prepared as part of the second season of the Resident programme of the Russian and international inter-museum exchange. VDNH and the M. A. Bulgakov Museum have worked together on this joint project that tells the author's biography and how he created his works to the visitors.
  • 8 november 2018

    N. Sergunina: Tower by El Lissitzky found at VDNH

    In early November 2018, the decorative tower installed on the territory of VDNH in 1939 near the Fishing Pavilion No. 38, which stands there to this day, was identified as the work of the artist and architect El Lissitzky, one of the leading players in Russian and international avant-garde. This was reported by Deputy Moscow Mayor and Head of the Mayor and Moscow City Government Executive Office, Natalia Sergunina.
  • 30 october 2018

    The Museum of Cinema at VDNH to host an exhibition of costume designer Dmitry Andreev

    The Museum of Cinema will host the exhibition, Dmitry Andreev – Cutter of Illusions, on 4 November. The exhibition includes more than forty costumes from various films and television series, complemented by fashion artefacts from different eras from the designer's collection.
  • 18 october 2018

    N. Sergunina: 60,000 perennial flowers and 7,000 trees and shrubs planted in the Landscape Park at VDNH

    Muscovites and tourists can appreciate the beauty of the autumnal VDNH Landscape Park right now. It is a unique ecological area under the open sky, where the historic natural landscape is combined with the latest developments in the field of landscape architecture. 7,000 new trees and shrubs and 61,000 perennial flowers have been planted here this autumn. This was reported by Deputy Moscow Mayor and Head of the Mayor and Moscow City Government Executive Office, Natalia Sergunina.
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