• 17 may 2019

    Athletic Summer at VDNH

    This anniversary summer, the Main Exhibition of the Country has prepared for its visitors not only all-time favourite activities, but also a new extreme sport which is growing in popularity in Russia. In celebration of its 80th birthday, VDNH is introducing a novel activity — wakeboarding.
  • 15 may 2019

    Record Start of the Anniversary Season — 3.5M People Visited VDNH During May Holidays

    The first days of May, from 1 to 12, marked the start of the VDNH Anniversary Programme that celebrates the 80th birthday of the complex. There were concerts, expositions, movie screenings and, of course, a firework show for all visitors. 3.5 million people visited VDNH over these May holidays.
  • 29 april 2019

    VDNH to Host the International Festival Moscow Spring A Cappella for the First Time

    From 1 to 12 May, visitors to Russia's Main Exhibition will be in for a big surprise: over the course of twelve days, in the Northern Square you will be able to enjoy a cappella singing of the world's best vocalists and bands as part of the international festival and contest Moscow Spring A Cappella. VDNH is set to host the event for the first time ever.
  • 26 april 2019

    N. Sergunina: 10,000 people have visited the VDNH Children Fairy Tale Theatre since its opening to the public

    Opened earlier this year, the VDNH Fairy Tale Theatre debuts its second multimedia performance. It will premiere today, on 26 April. “Fairy Tale No.1. Chapter 2” will continue the story our audience has already seen and enjoyed.
  • 22 april 2019

    Roerichs Museum Set to Open at VDNH

    On 27 April, the State Museum of Oriental Art is launching an extensive exposition “Preserving Culture. Roerichs Museum at VDNH” in Pavilion No. 13 Healthcare. The event also marks the re-opening of the pavilion after the large-scale renovation. On display will be over 400 paintings representing the entire artistic spectrum of Nicholas and Svetoslav Roerich.
  • 18 april 2019

    The Restored Stone Flower Fountain Set to Operate at Full Capacity

    By early May, two most famous VDNH fountains, the People’s Friendship and the Stone Flower, will be relaunched following the first restoration in 65 years. The Stone Flower was recreated based on the original design by architect Konstantin Topuridze. After the renovation, the fountain will be stronger and brighter, just like it was on the day of its launch in 1954.
  • 12 april 2019

    'Space' Visited by over 1 million people

    The Cosmonautics and Aviation Centre at VDNH celebrates its first birthday. It opened a year ago, on 12 April, in the renovated Space pavilion. Over the past 12 months, more than a million people visited the centre.
  • 5 april 2019

    N. Sergunina: in honour of the Cosmonautics Day, the Space Pavilion at VDNH is set to host a classical music concert for the first time ever

    At 7.00 pm on 10 April, the Cosmonautics and Aviation Centre at VDNH will for the first time ever host a classical music concert entitled 'Tchaikovsky and Space'. The event will take place on the occasion of Cosmonautics Day. The programme includes performances by famous musicians and winners of the International Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky Competition. The honourable guest of the event is Natalia Koroleva, an academician and daughter of the distinguished Soviet spacecraft designer Sergei Korolev. On the day of the concert, Natalia will celebrate her 84th birthday. The crew of the International Space Station will congratulate Natalia straight from orbit and get the concert underway. This information was shared by Natalia Sergunina, Deputy Mayor of Moscow.
  • 29 march 2019

    Beauty as a lifestyle: The Fashion Museum at VDNH celebrates its first anniversary

    It has been a year since the official opening of the Fashion Museum at VDNH. Thanks to the Museum, the Main exhibition in the country has become a magnet for everyone interested in style and fashion design. Over the course of the year, the Museum welcomed over 20,000 visitors passionate about fashion and its history.
  • 27 march 2019

    How VDNH changed for its 80th anniversary

    Specialist workers have restored the central part of the arch at the main entrance, completed the necessary repairs on 14 fountains at the Central Alley and renovated the Golden Ears of Wheat fountain which was inoperative for nearly 30 years.
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