• 10 october 2018

    Dmitry Medvedev Opens the 20th Golden Autumn Agricultural Exhibition at VDNH

    The Russian Golden Autumn agricultural exhibition is held annually in accordance with the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation dated 11 April 2000 No. 536-r and is scheduled in line with the celebration of Agriculture and Processing Industry Workers' Day.
  • 9 october 2018

    The Stone Flower and the Friendship of Peoples fountains are being restored at VDNH

    Complex restorations of the Friendship of Peoples and Stone Flower fountains have begun at VDNH. They have not been restored for more than 60 years. Specialists will restore the lining of the fountains' elements: their golden smalt and will also repair the engineering equipment by the opening of the fountain season in 2019.
  • 25 september 2018

    On the appointment of the General Director of VDNH

    Sergey Yurievich Shogurov, formerly the head of the State Inspectorate for Control over the Use of Real Estate in Moscow, has been appointed General Director of JSC VDNH.
  • 18 september 2018

    N. Sergunina: 12 million people visited VDNH this summer

    The VDNH summer season has ended. Over three months, visitors to VDNH attended more than 100 concerts and festivals, 14 museum exhibitions, and 150 events that were part of the Summer Educational Programme.
  • 18 september 2018

    150 musicians, 40 shows and 30,000 visitors: The VDNH Green Theatre. Stage on the Water brings its season to a close

    The VDNH Green Theatre. Stage on the Water is one of Moscow's most atmospheric summer concert venues. It has successfully finished its second season. Over its 3-month season from June to September, this unique open-air stage complex was visited by around 30,000 people. This summer, Stage on the Water gathered more than 150 musicians in Ostankino park, and more than 40 performances took place here.
  • 18 september 2018

    Seven venues, 150 events and more than 10 thousand spectators: what will the third season of the VDNH summer educational programme be remembered for?

    This year, the summer education programme lasted more than four months: from April 27 to September 9. Over this period, more than 10 thousand visitors to Russia's Main Exhibition centre attended a variety of 150 lectures, concerts, performances, film screenings and master classes held at seven venues across VDNH.
  • 14 september 2018

    The Top 5 places to have an unforgettable date at VDNH

    VDNH is one of Moscow's top landmarks. It is a unique place where you can spend time with your family, hang out with your friends, visit a lot of interesting exhibitions, learn new things and acquire new skills, play sport, or simply enjoy the architecture. However, VDNH's grounds are perfect for romantic dates and walks too. The VDNH team has put together a list of the best dating spots.
  • 5 september 2018

    Autumn issue of At VDNH released

    The latest issue of the magazine, At VDNH, No. 5 Autumn 2018, includes fascinating articles about the most interesting and important news and events from the current season at Russia's main Exhibition centre. You can find information on the latest activities, festivals, exhibitions, master classes and concerts.
  • 15 august 2018

    Handmade Sweets: Caramel Workhouse Opened at VDNH

    A new resident has appeared at the Park of Crafts at VDNH. The Caramel Workhouse in Building No. 174a is a place where you can not only see and taste delicious sweets, but also learn how to make them.
  • 10 august 2018

    VDNH EXPO Invites Everyone to the City of Education

    From 30 August to 2 September 2018, VDNH will host the main event of the capital in the educational sphere, the City of Education Moscow International Forum, which will bring together about 500 leading Russian and international experts from more than 50 countries.  This year the forum is designed not only for professionals, but also for a wide range of visitors.  Schoolchildren, preschoolers, students, and parents — everyone will find something interesting and educational for themselves here.
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