• 1 march 2018

    "Closer to reality, comrades!": from the history of the Space Pavilion

    The new Cosmonautics and Aviation Centre will be opened soon at VDNH. Just before this event, Yevgeny Lazarev, former deputy director of the Space/Mechanical Engineering Pavilion, tells about the Soviet space exposition — the lunar soil under the police supervision, the rocket destroying the Soviet star, and the absolute cold.
  • 28 february 2018

    Exhibition "Kazimir Malevich. Not Only 'Black Square'" won the audience vote of The Art Newspaper Russia

    Exhibition "Kazimir Malevich. Not Only 'Black Square'" was favoured out of thirty-two competitors and became the most outstanding exhibition project in 2017 according to readers of The Art Newspaper Russia.
  • 26 february 2018

    "Satellite Number 1" has returned to VDNH

    The model of the first artificial satellite of the Earth has again decorated the Space Pavilion at VDNH. This is a full-sized copy of the aircraft that launched the space age. The model will be presented in the exposition of the new Cosmonautics and Aviation Centre.
  • 22 february 2018

    "It's all about the black stripes": revival of the Cyclorama

    In the fall of 2018, VDNH will open the renovated Cyclorama cinema — a monument to innovators of Soviet film production and one of the Exhibition's iconic sites. Now the building, which has not been expansively renovated in 59 years, is under renovation: the engineering systems do not meet modern requirements, and the historical equipment needs restoration. After the renovation, the Cyclorama, having preserved its architectural appearance and functions, will turn into a full-cupola cinema with a 360-degree complete screen and a mobile platform, where visitors can enjoy movies in 4D format. The old equipment will not only become a part of the exposition — there will be historical screenings, for which new copies of Soviet circular movies will be printed. Alexander Zenin, a VDNH consultant in cinematographic engineering, the engineer and the head of the Museum of Cinema, talked about the past, the present and the future of the Cyclorama.
  • 15 february 2018

    VDNH to present "Coat from the Urals" exhibition of Alisa Gorshenina as part of TAKEOFF project

    The "Coat from the Urals" will open in Pavilion No. 16 "Hydrometeorology" on 2 March 2018. This exposition is dedicated to fashion in the context of the provincial atmosphere of the city of Nizhny Tagil, enclosed in images, objects and music. It presents the works of Alisa Gorshenina, the artist and designer from Nizhny Tagil, who won the Fashion category in the TAKEOFF project. Mikhail Baryshnikov curated the category and the exhibition.

  • 14 february 2018

    New light show "Architectural Styles of Moscow" launching in "Model of Moscow" Pavilion

    On 20 February 2018, a new light show "Architectural Styles of Moscow" is being launched in the "Model of Moscow" pavilion. Architectural styles are one of the languages of history. Historical events give rise to changes in architecture. Architecturally speaking, every historical era has its own sound.
  • 6 february 2018

    AgroFarm-2018 Expo Opens at VDNH

    On 6 February 2018, the largest international exposition for animal breeding and technologies for production and processing of livestock products AgroFarm opened in pavilion No. 75 at VDNH. This year's exposition was the biggest in the whole history of the event.
  • 5 february 2018

    Historic Sculpture "Rabbits" to Return to "Rabbit Breeding" Pavilion

    The historic sculpture composition “Rabbits” that crowned the roof of the pavilion No. 44 “Rabbit Breeding” in the 1950s, will finally be returned to its home. At the end of February, two mirror-like groups of statues will be erected facing each other on the balustrade of the building. They were reconstructed using VDNH archive photos. The original cement figures were supposedly dismantled and lost in the 1960s, when the theme of the pavilion was changed. Now, half a century later, the "Rabbits" sculptures are finally returning to the spot reserved for them in the initial design.
  • 30 january 2018

    Library of Crafts to Open at VDNH

    Starting 3 February 2018, a new art and education space called the "Library of Crafts" will begin its work at the lecture hall of the House of Crafts at VDNH (pavilion No. 47). It will offer to visitors its vast fund of 1,500 books and magazines on various disciplines, as well as free workshops and lectures about different crafts and arts for everyone. The project was created by VDNH in collaboration with libraries of the North-Eastern Administrative Okrug of Moscow.

  • 19 january 2018

    The RETINA exhibition from the "TAKEOFF" project will be presented at VDNH

    On January 26, 2018, the RETINA exhibition devoted to the Troparyovsky Forest Park will begin its work in pavilion No. 16 "Hydrometeorology". This is an exposition of the young artist Larisa Fedotova, winner of the TAKEOFF project in the "Video Art" category. The exhibition's curator is Olga Shishko.
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