• 15 august 2018

    Handmade Sweets: Caramel Workhouse Opened at VDNH

    A new resident has appeared at the Park of Crafts at VDNH. The Caramel Workhouse in Building No. 174a is a place where you can not only see and taste delicious sweets, but also learn how to make them.
  • 10 august 2018

    VDNH EXPO Invites Everyone to the City of Education

    From 30 August to 2 September 2018, VDNH will host the main event of the capital in the educational sphere, the City of Education Moscow International Forum, which will bring together about 500 leading Russian and international experts from more than 50 countries.  This year the forum is designed not only for professionals, but also for a wide range of visitors.  Schoolchildren, preschoolers, students, and parents — everyone will find something interesting and educational for themselves here.
  • 7 august 2018

    Renovated food court and food street offer visitors to VDNH over 100 original dishes and drinks

    At the height of the summer season, the country's Main Exhibition presents its renovated gastronomic spaces. Visitors to VDNH can again relax and enjoy a snack on the food street in VDNH's Central Alley and on the food court between Pavilions No. 66 Culture and No. 64 Optics.
  • 3 august 2018

    N. Sergunina: 30,000 schoolchildren and retirees have visited the new Cosmonautics and Aviation Centre at VDNH for free

    Since the opening of the Cosmonautics and Aviation Centre at the VDNH Space Pavilion (No. 34), more than 7,000 students from 230 schools participated in free excursions, and over 20,000 senior citizens visited the exposition for free. Natalia Sergunina, Moscow's Deputy Mayor for Economic Policy and Property and Land Matters, spoke on the topic.
  • 1 august 2018

    VDNH introduces night excursions

    The country's Main Exhibition opens the season for night excursions. Starting 3 August, three times a week, Moscow residents and visitors have the unique opportunity to see the VDNH architecture at sunset, stroll along night alleys, and learn more about the history of the country's Main Exhibition. The excursions start at 8:00 p. m. every Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

  • 31 july 2018

    N. Sergunina: the Inspiration Festival at VDNH – a remarkable event in the cultural life of Moscow

    During its first ten days, the 4th annual Inspiration Festival of the Arts at VDNH became one of the most visited events of Moscow. Hundreds of thousands of Moscow residents and visitors have already seen the unique show by French theatre Générik Vapeur, the immersive experimental performance by the Swiss-German theatre group, Rimini Protokoll, and other plays and shows. Natalia Sergunina, Moscow's Deputy Mayor for Economic Policy and Property and Land Matters, spoke on the topic.
  • 30 july 2018

    Lithuanian Worker and Kolkhoz Woman: sculpture that once adorned the Chemistry Pavilion being recreated at VDNH

    Moscow sculptors are working to recreate this monument, lost a half century ago, using archive pictures and blueprints.
  • 20 july 2018

    317 hectares in miniature: new architectural model at VDNH information centre

    Visitors can marvel at the scale of the country's Main Exhibition, plan an itinerary, examine the pavilion's architecture, and take a closer look at the tractor driver and farm girl figures installed by the arch of the Main Entrance with the help of the new architectural mock-up model, now open in the information centre inside of building No. 230.
  • 15 july 2018

    VDNH has turned on the fountains of the main alley and the historical Golden Spike

    Sergey Sobyanin opened the restored arch of VDNH's Main Entrance. Apart from this, now residents of the city can enjoy the renewed historical Golden Spike fountain, the 14 fountains of the Central Alley, and the Northern and Southern Rose Gardens.
  • 13 july 2018

    The exhibition of Resort Fashion by Alexandre Vassiliev to open at VDNH

    On 1 August 2018, the exhibition of Resort Fashion dedicated to beach- and resortwear of the 20th century will open at Pavilion No. 16 Hydrometeorology at VDNH. This exhibition will continue the cycle of projects organised in collaboration with the Alexandre Vassiliev Foundation.
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