• 27 february 2019

    Colourful Maslenitsa at VDNH: Guide to the Largest Festival Venue of Moscow

    VDNH will become one of the key urban venues for celebrating Maslenitsa this year. From 1—10 March, the Exhibition will be hosting dozens of master classes, concerts and other entertainment for all ages. The square by the Main Entrance arch, the Central Alley, the Fair Square and the entrance to Ostankino Park will be decorated with colourful art objects. Similarly, all the main festivity spots will be decorated in Maslenitsa fashion. For example, there will be the Four Seasons photo op by the Rocket skating rink, an interactive sparkling area at the Flower Garden rink, where anyone will be able to leave a message.
  • 25 february 2019

    Previously Unknown Painting by Boris Shcherbakov to Remain at VDNH

    The stellar creator of the painting Meat and Dairy Production in the USSR was revealed while the Husbandry pavilion was being prepared for repairs. The canvas was painted in 1958 and put on display in the Central pavilion of the Exhibition. In the 1960s, it was relocated to Husbandry, and stayed there until 2018.
  • 16 february 2019

    N. Sergunina: Curators of the TAKE-OFF Creative Project Help Young Artists and Designers Organise Exposition at VDNH

    On February 17, at 7:00 p.m. the first meeting of young artists, designers, and fashion designers with curators of the creative project TAKE-OFF will be held in the lecture hall of the Worker and the Kolkhoz Woman pavilion. Curators from all five section of the project will be in attendance: Video Art, Photography, Art&Science, Art, Fashion, alongside the Head of the Project – Irina Golinskaya. The speakers will present their areas of expertise, talk about new features of TAKE-OFF's 4th season and the competitive admission system, share secrets of a successful exhibition, and answer the questions from the audience.
  • 15 february 2019

    Six Kilograms of Gold Leaf and 16 Weeks of Hard Work: Restoration Works on the Friendship of Peoples Fountain is Over

    Restoration works on the Friendship of Peoples fountain, the symbol of VDNH, have finally come to an end. Over four months, 25 expert art restorers managed to bring the 16 golden beauties back to their former glory. To make these four-metre-tall sculptures shine again, the restorers needed 6 kilograms of gold leaf.
  • 12 february 2019

    2,000 Companies From 29 Countries to Participate in TextilLegProm and Leather—Shoes—Furs—Technology Fairs at VDNH EXPO

    The 52nd Federal Stock Fair TextilLegProm and 29th (52nd) International Stock Fair Leather—Shoes—Furs—Technology will be held on 19-22 February, 2019, in Pavilion No. 75. These fairs are focused on the textile and consumer industry and are leaders in Russia and its neighbouring countries. Visitors will learn about global trends in fashion and design, see the latest collections of men's, women's and children's clothing as well as the most advanced technologies and equipment.
  • 7 february 2019

    Sergei Sobyanin Opens Artist Workshops at VDNH

    Workshops and art residences are now open in pavilion No. 317 of VDNH in collaboration with the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art.
  • 7 february 2019

    New "Life in Orbit" Guided Tour Now Available in the Cosmonautics & Aviation Centre

    The Cosmonautics & Aviation Сentre in the recently renovated Pavilion No. 34 (Space) at VDNH is proud to present a special new tour focusing on daily life for astronauts in orbit. Visitors will learn about what astronauts go through during expeditions (on stations and in open space), what they eat, where they live, and even what they wear.
  • 29 january 2019

    The TAKE-OFF (VZLET) Project Announces the 4th All-Russia Creativity Competition for Young Artists in Five Areas

    29 January 2019 marks the start of applications for the All-Russia Creativity Competition of the TAKE-OFF project for young artists in the following areas: Fashion, Photography, Art, Art&Science, and Video Art. Winners will get the chance to organise an exhibition attended by leading curators and subject experts in the TAKE-OFF project exhibition space (Space Pavilion, VDNH). To celebrate the 80th anniversary of VDNH, finalists will win prizes and special awards from VDNH and project partners. The 4th TAKE-OFF season will include an international educational programme, meetups and discussions with curators, experts in art theory, artists, photographers, designers, and authors of new media working at the intersection of art and science.
  • 29 january 2019

    Progress Check: Major Renovation of the Azerbaijan Pavilion at VDNH

    Major renovation works continue in pavilion No. 14 (Azerbaijan) at VDNH. At the moment, specialists are cleaning the preserved decorative elements of the building from 1939 under supervision of specialists from the Moscow City Heritage Agency.
  • 18 january 2019

    VDNH EXPO Once Again Named the Best Convention and Exhibition Centre in Russia

    The Exhibition of National Economic Achievements (VDNH in Russian) has been announced winner of the independent award among event organisers by the EFEA Awards for the fourth time. It won the "Venue of he Year" nomination, rightfully validating its highest degree of professionalism. The presentation ceremony for the Russian event industry award was celebrated on 17 January 2019 in Saint Petersburg during the Europe + Asia Event Forum (EFEA).
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