• 18 may

    The Night at the Museum event, Romeo and Juliet in five languages, and Chemist's Day at the City Farm

    Weekend program: during the Night at the Museum event, the Exhibition-Forecast, the Interactive Museum Complex Buran, the "Russia – My History" exposition at the historical park, and the "Russia Does It Alone" exhibition in pavilion No. 26 can be visited for free on Saturday from 6:00 pm to midnight. Other events: the LEGO® Star Wars™ family festival, the Shakespearean play Romeo and Juliet performed by artists from Brazil, China, South Africa, India, and Russia, and exhibition by Maria Klyueva in support of the Life Route charity foundation.

  • 17 may

    Despite the Cold, Tulips Blossom in VDNH

    Each spring, the Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy turns into a garden town. This year, VDNH will enjoy the blossoming of two million flowers: peonies, phloxes, begonias, alyssums, chamomiles, etc. Traditionally, the first to adorn the flower beds of the principal exhibition venue in Russia are tulips: today they number around 800,000 in VDNH. Normally they blossom by the end of April or the beginning of May, but due to the cool weather conditions this year in Moscow, it is only now that tulips are starting to please the guests of VDNH.

  • 11 may

    Painting on the water in the Park of Crafts, Aleksandr Vertinsky's songs in the House of Vintage Music, installations of young artists at the "TAKEOFF. Exhibition-Forecast"

    Weekend program: the guests of the House of Crafts will get acquainted with the art of ebru and create their own paintings on the water; at the TAKEOFF exhibit, you will be able to see installations, audio and video work of modern artists dedicated to the future, and at the exhibition "Maximum close-up" at the Polytechnic Museum, where the best scientific images of 2016 are presented, you will be able to see a complex model of African gray parrot's blood-vascular system.

  • 10 may

    265,000 people celebrated Victory Day at VDNH and Ostankino Park.

    Russia's main exhibition became a central venue in the capital for celebrating the 72nd anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War. The focal events of the celebration took place at VDNH and Ostankino Park. The festivities culminated with a performance by the Academic Ensemble of Song and Dance of the Russian Army named after A. V. Alexandrov. On May 6–8, the festivities held at VDNH and Ostankino Park were attended by over 150,000 people, and over 115,000 people on May 9.
  • 5 may

    Light Show on the Main Entrance Arch and concert by the Aleksandrov A.V. Ensemble on Victory Day, songs, poems, and dances from the war years in Ostankino Park

    Programme for the holiday weekend, 6-9 May : a grandiose light show will be projected onto the Main Entrance Arch, and a concert will be given by the Aleksandrov A.V. Academic Song and Dance Ensemble of the Russian Army on Victory Day; music from the war years will be heard and theatrical performances will be seen in Ostankino Park, and The Alley of Memories can be visited as well.

  • 2 may

    Over 30,000 people visited the Moscow Comic Convention 2017 & Cyber World 2017 at VDNH EXPO: photo reportage

    On May Day celebrations, Pavilion No. 75 of VDNH became a magic place — where vampires, princesses, elves, monsters, superheroes, and all kinds of villains gathered. Moscow Comic Convention & Cyber World took place here from April 29 to May 1. The Festival united the virtual and real worlds on one platform, and hosted over 30,000 fans of comic books, anime, science fiction, fantasy, cosplay, movies and computer games.

  • 30 april

    The Country of Good Deeds in Ostankino Park was visited by more than 10,000 people

    More than 10,000 people visited The Country of Good Deeds On Saturday, April 29, 2017, the third annual citywide holiday "White Flower Charity Day" took place in Ostankino Park. A massive charity campaign was sponsored by the Department of National Policy and Interregional Relations of Moscow, the Imperial Orthodox Palestine Society, synodic department of the Russian Orthodox Church for charity and social service.
  • 30 april

    Hundreds of Moscow residents participated in the Community Cleanup Day at VDNH

    The City of Moscow Community Cleanup Day took place in the main Exhibition of the country on 29 April 2017. This was the second such event, the fist one took place on 8 April. In total, about 800 people participated: VDNH employees, student-volunteers, and all willing residents of Moscow. The Community Cleanup Day results included 80 cubic meters of removed garbage, painted facades, planted roses, while the most important thing was the positive mood and pleasant memories of the participants.
  • 29 april

    The Friendship of Nations and Stone Flower fountains begun operating at VDNH

    The fountains were placed into operation at VDNH at noon on 29 April 2017. Four cascades, the People's Friendship, the Stone Flower, the Rocket, and the Boy with a Fish, were placed into operation this year.

  • 27 april

    Moscow Comic Convention at VDNH EXPO, opening of the new "Flight. An Exhibit Forecas" Bubamara Brass Band at the Thaw restaurant, and Charity Day at Ostankino park

    May holiday calendar: VDNH EXPO Pavilion No. 75 will host the Moscow Comic Convention for any fans of comics, anime and fantasy, and Ostankino park will serve as the venue for Charity White Flower Day. The opening of the 'Flight. An Exhibit Forecast' featuring the works of young artists, and Thaw (Ottepel) restaurant will feature a holiday plein-air where the Balkan Bubamara Brass Band will perform.

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