• 19 january

    Learn more about Przewalski's horse at the City Farm, cook Gouda cheese at the House of Crafts, and visit the Robostation open house

    Agenda for the weekend: This Saturday, January 21, VDNH proudly invites all guests to the City Farm to learn more about Przewalski's horse (the lecture starts at 5:00 p.m.) and watch the documentary "Przewalski's horse. Return to the Orenburg Steppe" by the Russian Geographical Society. Other interesting events: starting at 2:00 p.m., master classes for children 12 years and older at the Dymov Ceramics manufacturing facility; 12:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m., open house at the Roboschool" at Robostation.

  • 19 january

    Epiphany Bathing in Palace Pond (Dvortsoviy prud) in Ostankino Park: photo report

    A special site for Epiphany bathing was constructed at Palace Pond (Dvortsoviy Prud), located in front of Ostankino Park. The site will be open to all visitors who would like to bathe in the holy waters of the pond till 8pm on January 19th, 2017.

  • 16 january

    The Old New Year at VDNH Skating Rink: Dancing, Music and Wishes Come True

    The Old New Year celebration at Russia's main skating rink was attended by more than 14,500 visitors. During this magical evening, guests of the skating rink participated in fun quizzes and dancing flash mobs, created paper angels and made their most heartfelt wishes.

  • 3 january

    The VDNH Ice Rink Reaches Record Levels of Attendance

    Russia's main ice rink has reached record-breaking new attendance in the 2016–2017 winter season. On the night of December 31 about 10,000 people gathered here to ring in the New Year. And on Monday, January 2, 16,195 visitors laced up to enjoy the ice. VDNH therefore recommends planning your visit to the rink in advance: there is the most free space on the ice, at the box offices and in the locker rooms during morning sessions and after 8:30 p.m. It is during these hours that visitors can find the shortest queues at the box offices and rental pavilions.

  • 1 january

    More Than 10,000 People Ring in the New Year on Russia's Main Ice Rink

    On the night of December 31 the ice rink at VDNH became one of the central areas in the city to celebrate the New Year. Over 10,000 people gathered on the ice of Russia's main rink, having travelled from the most varied corners of our planet — from the Far North to the sunny Apennine Peninsula. Festive parades and carnivals from five different time zones were accompanied by music and songs performed by groups from Buryatia, Korea, Moscow, Italy and Scotland.

  • 25 december

    VDNH Hosts 3rd Ded Moroz Charity Run: Photo Report

    On Sunday, December 25, 2016, more than a thousand people dressed as the national New Year hero ran 4.9 and 9.3 kilometres at Russia's Main Exhibition Centre. All money donated by the marathon participants are transferred to the Vera fund of palliative care for terminally ill children. In 2015, the Ded Moroz Charity Run collected 1.8 million rubles, which supported the Addressed Help for Children Project.

  • 23 december

    Kristina Si at the Rink of VDNH, Christmas Fair, Run of Ded Moroz, Cheese Festival, and 3D-Panorama of the Battle of Moscow

    Agenda for the weekend: it will be possible to degustate Camembert, Gorgonzola cheese, Roquefort on Saturday in the Park of Crafts, where 15 best cheesemakers of Russia will present their products. R’n’B Festival with participation of rap performers ST, Kristina Si and stars of Molodezhka series will run on Sunday at the Rink. Other surprises: a massive run of Ded Moroz and an amazing 3D-Panorama "Moscow. 1941. Counter-Attack" in the historical Park "Russia - My History".

  • 17 december

    New Year's matinees, charity fair, Belorussian and jewelry fairs, show-jumpings in the City Equestrian Center

    Agenda for the weekend: VDNH is now hosting New Year's events for kids at the Robostation, Children's Embassy, and Zhili-Byli Fairy Tale House Museum. Russia – My History historical park is hosting an event for kids as well: cartoons and movies will be shown in the atrium of pavilion 57 on the weekend. The VDNH Crafts Park is holding workshops where kids can create an original New Year's present.
  • 16 december

    The VDNH Skating Rink Welcomes its One-Hundred-Thousandth Visitor in the 2016-2017 Season

    On Friday night the VDNH Skating Rink welcomed its one-hundred-thousandth visitor of 2016-2017. Svetlana from Moscow bought a ticket to the skating rink on the VDNH website, and was presented with a certificate and souvenirs.

  • 9 december

    Agenda for the weekend: Go skiing in Ostankino Park, take part in games and events on the VDNH rink, create ceramic decorations in the Craft Park

    The VDNH rink will surprise you this time with various games and topical events. New exhibitions and Camembert preparation master classes, creation of silver rings and ceramic decorations, lectures on perception and symbols are waiting for you.

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