14 september

The Top 5 places to have an unforgettable date at VDNH

VDNH is one of Moscow's top landmarks. It is a unique place where you can spend time with your family, hang out with your friends, visit a lot of interesting exhibitions, learn new things and acquire new skills, play sport, or simply enjoy the architecture. However, VDNH's grounds are perfect for romantic dates and walks too. The VDNH team has put together a list of the best dating spots.

Take a walk in the historical heart of VDNH

The best place to start your date is probably VDNH's pride and joy — the Friendship of Peoples Fountain. The masterpiece by Konstantin Topuridze is an ideal meeting place. It's easy to find and cannot be confused with anything else even if it's the first time you or your partner are in Moscow. This splendid fountain will not only become a beacon for your two loving hearts but it's also an ideal selfie spot. Continue your date by walking down the Central Alley of VDNH and enjoying the architecture of the famous historical pavilions.

Enjoy conversations in a cosy square

You can have a rest and take a breather after a long walk around Russia's main Exhibition centre in the picturesque Southern and Northern rose gardens that you'll find to the right and left of the Central pavilion No. 1. There are comfortable benches under the shade of trees, decorative screens covered in vines, beautiful patterned flower beds with forest mallows, purple sage and moor grass, and the gorgeous scent of four thousand roses create a special atmosphere of tranquillity and coax out heart-to-heart conversations.

Get caught up in dialogues about art

The Landscape Park is Moscow's latest green heart and is an ideal place for dates. Its picturesque views, lush vegetation and fascinating scents will delight all those who visit. You can do more than just walk here: it's a place that invites you to talk about art. You will be inspired by Big Picture of Fields — flower gardens designed to form an abstract painting in the style of Kandinsky's works.

Take pleasure in a romantic dinner

Ottepel restaurant is the ideal place for a romantic dinner. Here, lovebirds can spend the evening in the exquisite interior of this historical VDNH pavilion and savour original dishes created by the chef. Even the most seasoned foodies will be truly impressed. Its cosy quiet atmosphere and panoramic views create a unique feeling of tranquillity away from the hustle and bustle of the city. If you want to feel nostalgic and get into the spirit of the 1930s, head to the airy interiors of the Moscow Nebo café, where visitors can try traditional Russian cuisine with a new fresh twist.

Reveal your soul at the water's edge

See a film or an exhibition at the Cinema Museum, then take a walk along the bank of the Kamensky Pond in the VDNH Pond Area. The pièce de résistance is undoubtedly the Golden Spike fountain, sparkling with a glorious azure blue. The quietness and privacy of the ponds make them ideal for walks and romantic confessions.

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