Classroom Curriculum: VDNH for School Groups

15 september 2021

VDNH is accepting applications from school groups that want to take part in its combo programmes. The new project is called Classroom Curriculum and offers a mix of educational and recreational activities. The schoolchildren will not only learn new things but also have a great time with their friends.

VDNH offers a unique recreational environment with a one-of-a-kind set of historical and architectural landmarks, a landscape park with an unusual architectural design, as well as modern museums and educational venues, many of which have no equals in Russia or abroad.

VDNH has always been and remains one of the main sites in Moscow for visits by organised school groups. Instead of independent visits, VDNH offers teachers and parents ready-made educational and entertainment programmes designed to consolidate and expand children's knowledge of the Russian language, history, the world around them and technology that they receive in the classroom. It also organises team-building activities.

Each programme covers a wide range of interests and age groups: from elementary students to high schoolers.

Space: from a Dream to a Rocket for form 1–3 students

The Cosmonautics and Aviation Centre invites children to take part in the quest tour School of Young Cosmonauts. Children dreaming of a truly stellar career will be in for a riveting journey. The young enthusiasts will learn what a real cosmonaut should know and what skills they need, what cosmonauts do and how they live in orbit, as well as study the design of a rocket. After the quest, the children will be given a guided tour of the interactive museum complex Buran. They will visit a spacecraft and see its command centre, mock ejection seats, a laboratory stand for checking the readiness of onboard systems before flight and much more.

The programme is 120 minutes long.

How We Write. From Cyrillic to Emoji for form 4–6 students

Intermediate school students can join a guided tour of the 'Slovo' Centre and visit a calligraphy workshop. The participants will learn how ancient Russian handwriting styles replaced one another; how people wrote under the reigns of Yaroslav the Wise, Ivan the Terrible and Peter the Great; how books were decorated; what kinds of notes people left in the margins, along with which materials were used for writing. They will learn to use a wide quill, a tool unfamiliar to modern schoolchildren, analyse Old Russian writing styles, from the strict charter style to the mysterious ligature, and practice writing letters and words.

The programme is 120 minutes long.

The History of Victories: 20th Century in Two Hours for form 4–9 students

The participants will learn about VDNH's unique architectural ensemble, its creators and the people who influenced its fate and appearance. They will also discuss Russia's national diversity and learn about the culture and history of Russia and the former Soviet republics. The programme includes a guided tour of the VDNH Museum and a sightseeing tour of VDNH's Central Alley.

The programme is 120 minutes long.

Knowledge Is Power for form 1–4 students

This special programme is designed for children who are curious about the world around them. The participants will take a walk along the Central Alley, where floral compositions from the 1950s have been recreated, and learn where lavender, roses, mallow, verbena, tulips and peonies grow and when to admire the flowering of each of these plants. They will also be able to see how specialists take care of fruit trees in the Michurin Garden, while in the Floriculture eco-centre, they will be introduced to rare plants that can be found in different regions of Russia.

The programme is 120 minutes long.

Special-Purpose VDNH for form 6–11 students

We invite teenagers to take a walk around VDNH and learn about its history and the history of Russian transport. They will find out which pavilions used to have and still have transport-themed expositions, what transport could be used to get around VDNH and what cars the Russian and Soviet republic leaders and VIP-guests of VDNH used. The programme will continue with a guided tour of the largest special services museum in Russia open to the public, the Museum of the Special Purpose Garage of the Russian Federal Guard Service.

The programme is 165 minutes long.

Discovery Time for form 2–4 students

We invite schoolchildren to attend one of the special workshops at the TAKAPULTA Comic Book House and the City Farm. They will create their own comic book character or draw a short comic strip (funny story), and then attend an outdoor lesson. The available lessons include: Green Pets, Plants as the Basis of Life, Sustainable Consumption, Forests: the Lungs of Our Planet, Where Birds Fly or The Role of Animals in Our Lives.

The programme is 120 minutes long.

Fantastic! for form 1–4 students

We invite children on a guided tour of the Robostation, the robotics workshop All-Terrain Vehicle and the Around the World in Fairy Tale show at the Theatre of Fairy Tales.

The programme is 135 minutes long.

Mission Possible for form 1–4 students

Fans of sports and active lifestyle will visit Skytown, the largest rope park on artificial supports in Russia with children's parkour and the giant swing, and then go to the rock climbing, fitness and educational centre BigWall.

The programme is 120 minutes long.

Young Natural Scientist for form 1–4 students

We invite schoolchildren to join guided tours of the City Farm. The tours are held by a farmer, and explore the four hectares of Moscow's unique landscape park. After the tour, children can take part in one of the three available workshops and learn how to make an interior toy from natural materials or a candle from honey wax, or find out about string art, an unusual form of art that uses threads and nails. They will then head to the Ice-Cream Lab Pavillion for a guided tour and a workshop on how to make and decorate Baskin Robbins ice cream.

The programme is 180 minutes long.

DIY Sweet Life for form 1–4 students

The participants will attend the Porcelain Ice Cream lesson from the Christmas Art workshop and learn how to decorate items made of glass and other materials using various painting techniques. They will then visit another resident of the Park of Crafts, the Caramel Manufactory. There, they will make lollipops, which they will be able to take home.

The programme is 90 minutes long.

The purchase one of the programmes, please leave an application on the VDNH website. We have programmes for any budget. The participants of our combo programmes get free entry to VDNH and free bus parking. School groups can also enjoy special meal offers at the Cosmos, SpetsBufet and Ferma cafés and a 10% discount at Anderson, Ice-Cream Lab, Baskin Robbins, Pirogi and Mister Ponchik. In September, the educational programmes for schoolchildren are available at a 25% discount.

All VDNH visitors are required to wear face masks and observe social distancing in compliance with the safety regulations set out by Rospotrebnadzor.

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