VDNH introduces a new navigation system

8 october 2021

Russia’s main exhibition now has a new way of helping visitors navigate through the premises, attend the most interesting events and keep abreast of the latest news. This navigation system will improve comfort level and service quality at VDNH. It includes over 250 new navigation elements.

The recently launched innovative navigation system features interactive steles, digital displays, navigation structures at the entrance checkpoints, as well as large overview maps, steles with ‘five-minute maps’ and steles with information boards. The total number of all these structures exceeds 250.

The interactive steles at VDNH are linked to the Exhibition’s website, which allows VDNH’s guests to receive detailed up-to-date information about Russia’s main exhibition. The stele system also makes it possible to create and time custom itineraries, learn about the current exhibitions and events, and buy tickets. Finally, it provides information about VDNH’s transport services, cafés and restaurants, and other infrastructure elements. There currently are 22 active steles.

Aside from the steles, VDNH premises are equipped with 22 digital displays, which share fun facts, upcoming event announcements, special offers, and safety and navigation tips. The number of displays is expected to reach 40 in the nearest future.

Those who are entering VDNH by car will appreciate the seven navigation displays at the entrance checkpoints. They guide drivers to parking spaces and provide information on events at VDNH.

The 36 large overview maps chart the general plan of VDNH grounds, with special symbols for key venues, services and landmarks. The maps are designed to accommodate both Russian-speaking guests and foreign tourists: the legend is reproduced in English and Chinese.

The ‘five-minute map’ steles, 120 in all, will help visitors navigate within their immediate surroundings, showing them which venues are located within a five-minutes’ walk of their current location. In addition, they display information on VDNH’s key facilities and services. You can study the stele, for instance, while you wait for public transport: 23 out of 120 structures are located at bus stops.

Architecture fans will appreciate the 58 information board steles. They provide in-depth information on cultural heritage sites and landscape features.

The number of navigation structures of VDNH grounds is expected to increase over time. The content will expand as well, with new elements like online weather updates and scrolling text with helpful tips and safety rules. Live streams of concerts and other events may also be integrated in the future.

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