Newlyweds Garden at VDNH: the first planting after renovations

14 october 2021

This year’s first Newlyweds Garden planting ceremony will take place on 16 October. As many as 40 married couples will participate. Out of concerns for the safety of visitors and the natural environment, the ceremony will be split into two parts. Every 80th married couple registered at VDNH’s Wedding Palace, as well as any couple that got married on VDNH’s birthday, 1 August 2021, is eligible to immortalise the new union by planting a sweet cherry tree.

The couples will receive a certificate for their tree, with their first and last names, the date when the tree was planted at the Newlyweds Garden, the tree’s species (sweet cherry) and the number of the tree’s slot. This number is also assigned to the tree on an interactive stele in the garden. In order to allow the participating newlyweds to celebrate the planting of their brand-new family tree at Russia’s main exhibition, VDNH has prepared special offers for visiting its cafés and restaurants on 16 October.

The Newlyweds Garden was created on VDNH’s 80th anniversary. This year’s ceremony is the fourth in its history. Due to some renovation work, no planting ceremonies took place in the garden this spring and summer. So this time around, as many as 40 newlywed couples will be able to attend. Which makes this the most large-scale planting ceremony to date.

You will find the garden in front of Pavilion No. 46. A sweet cherry tree is a symbol of a strong emotional bond and family bliss.

Between 1 April and 30 July 2021, the Newlyweds Garden underwent a major overhaul: preparatory earthworks were completed, cable lines and lighting masts were installed, the paths were paved, and 575 shrubs and 1845 perennial flowers were planted. Benches were also added to the garden at the same time to ensure the comfort of the couples wishing to take a break from planting their tree, as well as the comfort of visitors strolling through the grounds at large. The new interactive stele allows any visitor to learn more about the project, find out how to register their marriage at VDNH, and study the family tree layout.

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