The legend is back! Explore the Yak-42 jetliner at VDNH

14 october 2021

Russia’s main exhibition invites all aviation enthusiasts to examine the legendary Yak-42 jetliner during a special tour in the Square of Industry. A chance to sit behind the wheel and take a simulation flight will be available to everyone who’s interested on 18 October between 12 p.m. and 6 p.m. for free, without any registration in advance.

The special tour will take visitors to the inside of the aircraft: while seated in comfortable leather chairs, they will learn more about Yak-42’s history and the legendary pilots, airports and dispatchers. It will also be possible to see and touch all the different pieces of the liner’s equipment, find out why they are needed and how they work.

After a little bit of theory, you are in for a practice flight, thanks to the simulator in the cabin. A professional pilot will guide you through taking off, making a turn, gaining altitude and making a soft landing. If you like, you can also try on a pilot’s cap, take a selfie behind the controls, or record a short video of your flight. Flight duration is 5–6 minutes per group.

In addition, visitors can volunteer for a training session at a simulator for practising movement coordination, sit in the Bárány chair, which is designed to test and train the vestibular system. Finally, there will be a small quiz with prizes in store for all guided tour attendees.

Evgeny Martenyuk, military pilot and founder of the Aviator flight school, will be your tour guide. Age restrictions: 7+.

Yak-42 was first installed in the Square of Industry in 1981. Notably, this liner never even carried any passengers, but it did set a world record for a non-stop flight: 4730 kilometres, from Ramenskoye to Chita. In 1979, the aircraft was exhibited at the Paris Air Show as a representation of Soviet aircraft construction’s achievements. After being brought to VDNH, it was converted into a museum, which was shut down in 1994. In 2009, the body of the aircraft was repurposed as a modern art gallery: the passenger compartment was dismantled, but the cockpit has survived, restored by the experts from the Yakovlev Design Bureau. No new events were held inside Yak-42 since 2018. But now the aircraft is back and awaiting visitors!

All events on VDNH grounds follow the applicable anti-coronavirus restrictions. Visitors to VDNH museums and exhibition spaces are expected to wear face masks and observe social distancing. Click here for more information about the anti-coronavirus measures at VDNH.

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