VDNH launches online project for the exhibition Fyodor Konyukhov: Man Can Do Anything!

18 october 2021

Russia's No. 1 Exhibition has launched a new online project in support of the exhibition Fyodor Konyukhov: Man Can Do Anything!, which is currently on show at the Cosmonautics and Aviation Centre. Internet users are invited to go on a virtual journey through the exhibition, which feels a lot like following in the explorer's footsteps and reliving his adventures. The online project is already up on the VDNH website.

Fyodor Konyukhov is a well known explorer, artist, priest, member of the Russian Academy of Fine Arts and director of Travellers' School. He has set 25 world records, some of which are on the Guinness Book of Records. Konyukhov is the first man to have reached all the five poles of the planet, and the first Russian national to have conquered the seven highest mountain peaks on Earth. Konyukhov was the first Russian national to ski to both the North and South Poles, the first to undertake a solo sailing voyage around the world and to fly around the world in a hot air balloon.

Staying open until 31 January 2022, the exhibition at the Cosmonautics and Aviation Centre features over 100 paintings, some rare and unique artefacts belonging to the legendary explorer and personal items from the Konyukhov family collection. Visitors can get a good look at Fyodor Konyukhov's 'headquarters'—his study where creative ideas germinate—and the tent in which Konyukhov lived for 20 days while drifting on an ice-floe and painting.

The most notable part of the online project is that the combination of photos and exhibit descriptions makes an immersive impact on the viewer. Visitors are free to enter every room, obtain information about all artworks and installations on display, learn the details of some of Konyukhov's most unusual and challenging voyages and, if they so desire, also purchase tickets for the exhibition at the Cosmonautics and Aviation Centre.

The event is organised by Globus autonomous nonprofit organisation and Gruppa Artefact PR agency. The show is curated by Konyukhov's friend, artist, poet and producer Vadim Tsyganov. Support for the project comes from the FORES company and the Shmotyev Family Endowment for the Patronage of Culture and the Arts.

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