VDNH observes World Ballet Day

18 october 2021

The International Ballet Centre, housed in VDNH Pavilion No. 62, invites everyone to join in the celebration of ballet on World Ballet Day, 19 October. The Centre's teachers have prepared a free learning programme for ballet lovers, consisting of a theoretical part and some practice.

The Healthy Back and Feet workshop will be offered at noon. The class will showcase techniques to relieve back tension and restore a sense of lightness to the feet. The secret of why ballet dancers have such a graceful, healthy body posture will be revealed during the class.

The class in yoga and stretching, to be offered at 1 p.m., will introduce the basic asanas, explain the setbacks that yoga beginners may encounter and how to avoid them, the best starting exercises in the practice of yoga and how to prepare your body correctly for yoga and stretching so as not to hurt it.

Hands in Ballet, the dance workshop scheduled at 2 p.m., will let the participants in on the secrets of hand expressiveness in ballet, and demonstrate some exercises to teach your hands to 'speak'.

At 3 p.m., it will be time to take a sneak peek backstage and learn some life-hacks of the trade, like how to do a fast-track hairstyle for the stage that looks awesome, how to sew ribbons onto your pointe shoes or how to style your hair in neat and elegant bunches and rings. The secrets of quick and cool ballet hairstyles will be unveiled at the workshop. They will also demonstrate a technique ballet dancers practice that helps them sew the ribbons and elastics onto their pointe shoes correctly, reliably and unobtrusively.

The workshops will be taught by the Centre's teachers: dancer, choreographer and maitre de ballet Viktoria Nazarenko and choreographer and maitre de ballet Angelina Naumova.

The workshops welcome all participants regardless of age and physical training. Admission is free, no registration required. Bring your own training or dance outfit and a pair of suitable dancing shoes to the workshop.

All events on VDNH grounds follow the applicable anti-coronavirus restrictions. Visitors at VDNH museums and exhibition spaces are expected to wear face masks and observe social distancing. Click here for more information about the anti-coronavirus measures at VDNH.

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