Russia's No. 1 Exhibition offers free lectures under the auspices of project Knowledge. VDNH

19 october 2021

VDNH has a series of talks scheduled on 23, 24 and 26 October in its Worker and Kolkhoz Woman Pavilion, featuring architecture historian Ilya Pechenkin, explorer Alexei Paevsky, historian Alexander Sizov and writer Pavel Kvartalnov. The talks are part of the project Knowledge. VDNH. Prior registration required.

The lecture From Cherdyn to Arkaim: Exploring Ancient Sites in the Urals starts at Noon on 23 October. Creator and editor-in-chief of the web portal Russian Antiquities, member of the Russian Geographical Society Alexei Paevsky will give an account of his 6,500km car voyage across 14 regions of Russia. The purpose of the journey was to explore ancient sites in the Urals, from the north of Perm Region to the south of Chelyabinsk Region, home of the mysterious Arkaim site.

Another lecture scheduled on 23 October at 5 p.m. is titled Ivan Zholtovsky, Moscow's Architect of the Age of Renaissance. Architecture historian, Head of Russian Art History Department at Russian State University for the Humanities, lead researcher at the Research Institute of Theory and History of Architecture and Urban Planning Ilya Pechenkin will explain the concept of 'Zholtovsky's Moscow' and trace the evolution of Moscow's look in the first half of the 20th century. Support for the lecture comes from Moscow City Hall's Department of Cultural Heritage.

Soviet and Russian veteran diplomat, member of the Board of the Association of Russian Diplomats, historian and PhD Candidate in History Alexander Sizov will give a talk at 6 p.m. on 24 October. Sizov will shed light on the complex maze of intrigue that haunted Italy's body politic in the mid-20th century, and recount his co-authorship of the books The Resistance Movement in Italy and Soviet Partisans, Fyodor Poletaev Street and Anatoly Tarasov Street in collaboration with a team of Italian and Russian historians. In addition, Alexander Sizov will unveil his new book Traumatic Days for Italy in the Second World War.

The talk by zoologist, PhD candidate in Biology, Moscow State University professor, published author of numerous research and popular science articles, poet and translator Pavel Kvartalnov is scheduled at 7 p.m. on 26 October. Kvartalnov will unveil his new travel book Swallow's Diary, intended for young ornithologists and their parents. Those in attendance will join the book's characters on their perilous but discovery-packed journey from Ireland to the southernmost tip of the African continent.

The events on 24 and 26 October are delivered in partnership with Mosrazvitie, the Moscow Public Institution of Culture.

Attendance at all events is free by prior registration.

Anti-coronavirus measures continue to apply at VDNH. Occupancy at all venues of project Knowledge. VDNH is restricted to 50% of room capacity. Visitors are expected to wear face masks and maintain social distancing.

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