VDNH's Moskvarium wins two prizes at Consumer Rights and Service Quality Awards

20 october 2021

VDNH's Moskvarium Centre of Oceanography and Marine Biology has won or excelled in two categories at the 12th annual Consumer Rights and Service Quality Awards, according to the competition results wrap-up in Istanbul, Turkey. Moskvarium was named winner in the Retail Services subcategory of Entertainment Industry. Moskvarium also ended up among the top 12 winners in the Consumer's Choice 2021 category, according to a consumer vote conducted in collaboration with opinion pollster ROMIR.

The annual Consumer Rights and Service Quality Awards rewards the achievements of businesses that are serious about consumer rights, producing goods or providing services that meet or exceed consumers' expectations. The competition jury consists of experts whose authority is universally recognised. The competition's Council of Experts voted to determine the winners from among contenders with a high service level and high quality of products and services.

'This was the first time Moskvarium entered in the contention, winning two prizes at once! It is a brilliant result, which bespeaks broad public acclaim and confidence of visitors! The Oceanarium, which marked its sixth birthday earlier this year, has welcomed over 10 million visitors in six years. And we value the opinion of every single one', said Moskvarium Deputy CEO Anna Safronova, commenting on the Centre's competition win. She further noted that Moskvarium is committed to upgrading its educational offerings and customer services, as well as designing new services. Some recent examples are the Manatee Baby Theatre and the multimedia exhibit Jurassic Ocean about the dinosaur-age giant prehistoric water creatures, both launched earlier in 2021. The Centre keeps offering new helpful services, ranging from a basic wet umbrella packing machine to unusual and creative offerings such as the option of sending underwater greetings with a scuba diver.

Moskvarium's Deputy CEO Anna Safronova received the conferred prizes from Viktoria Pravednikova, Managing Director of Consumer Rights and Service Quality Awards.

VDNH's Moskvarium is currently working on its winter premiere—the New Year's Cruise water show, scheduled to open on 18 December. By tradition, sea mammals are poised to star on the show alongside the human variety artists. New Year's Cruise sounds like Moskvarium's most vibrant show to date and promises to surprise the audience with a more versatile script, more challenging tricks and totally unprecedented special effects.

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