New light show at the Model of Moscow Pavilion

10 november 2021

A new light show titled Moscow's Main Architects has been launched in the Model of Moscow Pavilion. Attendance is free; the show starts on 10 November.

Visitors will get to witness the development of Moscow's architecture through the contribution of each architect starting from the early 20th century. You will see how the city was changing and how the challenges of past times were being addressed.

The new show will utilise all the technical features of the pavilion: the model itself, an interactive full-colour lighting system, a large screen, projectors and mesh screens. The show lasts for 10 minutes and is accompanied by light and sound effects.

At the moment, the Model of Moscow Pavilion puts on seven themed shows on a regular basis: Walking the Streets of Moscow, The Megapolis of Moscow, Best City in the World, Architectural Styles of Moscow, History of Moscow, Bulgakov's Moscow and Four Seasons.

The new show will not be included in the regular schedule since it is not an entertainment event but an educational show. Groups of visitors will be able to view it upon request. At the moment, all guided tours are held upon prior registration. The maximum number of visitors per group is 20.

The Model of Moscow is open daily, from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., except Mondays. From 22 November until 7 December 2021, the pavilion will be closed for maintenance work. To book a guided tour, call +7(925)237-37-28 or +7(925)237-37-29. Admission is free for individual visitors but you will be asked to present a QR code and proof of identity.

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