Moskvarium Opens Sea of Music, New Concert Venue

6 april

At the Centre of Oceanography and Marine Biology Moskvarium on VDNH, guests can listen to live music in a unique atmosphere of the underwater world—with a view of the pool with orcas.

On April 8, one of the most unusual concert venues in Moscow will be opened at the Moskvarium. The stage and auditorium of the venue named Sea of Music will be housed in an Aquarium exhibition of more than 12,000 aquatic creatures. And the main feature of the evening and the centre of attraction for the guests will be a viewing window of the pool—a transparent wall, through which you can watch the movements of orcas Narnia, Nord and Naya.

The guests will have a truly unique experience: the Aquarium at night with its mysterious glow, minimal number of guests, free movement around the exhibition during the concert, special restaurant menu and wine list. The concert programme includes high-quality live music from professional bands in the styles of jazz, funk, soul, pop, pop-rock and neo-classical.

The new concert space at the Moskvarium will operate on Fridays on a regular basis. The Aquarium's exhibition for concert-goers will be open until midnight.

On 8 April, Svetlana Zhavoronkova and the band Acoustic Soul will open the concert venue. The soloist and author of the project is Svetlana Zhavoronkova, singer-songwriter, a participant in The Voice show and an owner of a memorable and sensual timbre. At the concert, Svetlana and her musicians will present interesting semi-acoustic arrangements and original arrangements of famous hits from Bob Dylan and Johnny Mitchell to George Michael and Guns'n'Roses.

Guests of the concert will have a choice of three categories of tickets: an entrance ticket to the Aquarium and to the concert, a VIP area with tables for four people and seats at buffet tables for four people.

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