Letuchka Children's Journalism School at Slovo Museum Centre of VDNH

20 april

Letuchka Children's Journalism School announces admission to the training, which will be held at the Slovo Museum Centre at VDNH. Classes will be held every Saturday at 12:00 p.m., beginning on 23 April.

The training course consists of five meetings, each focused on a specific area of journalism, such as the genre of self-portrait or the craft of reportage. Participants will experiment with texts as well as work with illustrations and fonts. In the first meeting, students will learn about the most unusual magazines in the world, come up with their own editions and make covers for them. The second meeting will be a workshop on typography with designer Dasha Ulan, where students will try to change the mood of the text with the help of fonts. On the third one, there will be a practical observation training session and the first real report on the museum. In the fourth session, course participants will learn how to write about themselves and create a gallery of self-portraits using words, brushes and paint, and in the fifth session, they will learn how to write expert columns.

Classes are designed for students aged 10–12 years, please read the schedule and pay for the course on the website. Classes are waiting not only for those who are determined to become a journalist but also for anyone who loves to think, write and draw.

Letuchka was created as part of the Seasons School. The course is taught by team members and authors of the magazine of the same name, as well as by professors from the Faculty of Journalism at Lomonosov Moscow State University.

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