The Dialogues on Flowers Exhibition Now Features New Works by Vera Khairutdinova

26 april 2021

New paintings by Vera Khairutdinova were added to her Dialogues on Flowers exhibition at Pavilion No. 14 (Republic of Azerbaijan) on 21 April. Khairutdinova is exhibiting her still lifes, Ural landscapes, contemporary mixed media art and floral works, representing the artist's most recent creative focus.

The new sensual creations from the floral series—The Eroticism of a Flower, Madonna, 50 Shades of Green, The Fifth Element, The Flowers of the Sea and others—will be on display until 5 May. The canvasses radiate emotion, energy, power and vibrancy. They convey beauty through detail and philosophy through shades of colour.

Another stunning work that will further enrich the exposition is a painting called Gravity, which the artist considers a symbolic transition in her creative journey. It was this painting that heralded a new era for Khairutdinova as an artist: her quest for a macro subject had concluded, and she embraced the floral theme.

'For me, this painting contains several types of gravity. I can't take my eyes off it, I want to gaze at it for a long, long time, to delve deep into the canvas until I am transported into that poppy meadow. The fragile flowers, reaching upward on their delicate stalks, are so fascinating. The poppies yearn to touch the sky, seemingly gravitating towards it', Khairutdinova comments on Gravity.

Vera Khairutdinova is an artist working in multiple genres. She is an honorary member of the Russian Academy of Fine Arts, member of the Creative Union of the Artists of Russia, winner of a Russian Presidential Grant. She has exhibited her paintings at more than 40 solo exhibitions in Russia and abroad.

The exhibition will be open at Pavilion No. 14 (Republic of Azerbaijan) until 5 May. It will be open to visitors daily from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., except Mondays. The admission is free.

Visitors are required to wear face masks and gloves and maintain social distancing while attending museums and exhibitions.

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