From dolphin therapy to diving: Moscow residents to determine Moskvarium's course of development

28 april 2021

On 28 April, the Active Citizen project website has launched a poll regarding the development of Moskvarium at VDNH. Moscow residents will choose a new course of development for the oceanarium, which happens to be one of VDNH's most popular buildings.

Participants of the poll on the Active Citizen project website can choose the topics that will be included in Moskvarium's educational programme. The options include fishkeeping, biology, veterinary medicine, diving, dolphin therapy, ichthyology, marine professions, animal training and ecology.

Moscow residents will also select the formats of entertainment and educational activities for children that should be prioritised. These can be themed festivals, lectures, scientific and entertainment shows, interactive exhibitions, quests, creative workshops and vocational guidance events.

The voting participants will also choose whom to invite as hosts for Moskvarium's new entertainment and educational programmes at VDNH: scientists, bloggers, travellers, musicians, artists or athletes.

The Moskvarium Centre of Oceanography and Marine Biology at VDNKH is one of the largest oceanariums in Europe. It opened at VDNH more than five years ago. It is divided into three areas: the Aquarium exposition, a show area with seats for the audience and a centre for swimming with dolphins.

Active Citizen is a project for online voting on the topics of urban development, launched in 2014. Participants decide which streets, yards and parks need to be renovated, how city hospitals, libraries and multi-purpose centres should operate and choose events for festivals and public holidays.

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