Robostantsiya At VDNH Turns Six

29 april 2021

Today, on 29 April, Robostantsiya at VDNH, Russia's only permanent interactive robotics museum, is celebrating its sixth birthday. It also has plans for a special programme on 1 May: the guests will enjoy chemical shows, prize draws and interactions with new robots.

Happy Robobirthday!

All are welcome to join the holiday programme at VDNH's Robostantsiya Museum on 1 May. To mark the sixth anniversary of Russia's only permanent interactive robotics museum, everyone who visits Robostantsiya on this day will receive a commemorative souvenir. At 2 p.m., 4 p.m. and 6 p.m., all kids and adults with an entrance ticket will be able to participate in a prize draw.

There will also be fascinating yet completely safe chemical demonstrations. Among other things, these amazing experiments will teach the youngest guests some interesting facts about the world around us: what substances can withstand a temperature of -78.5 °C, what is the mystery of disappearing ink and how to impress your parents by making a smoke screen. Each and every kid will become fully immersed in this exciting process.

After the experiments, the guests will be able to join a fiery dance-off with Korean robots. Between the segments of the entertainment programme, the master of ceremonies will quiz the guests to test how well they know the secrets of robotics.

The exposition features more than 30 robots, made in Russia and abroad. They will become your friendly companions as you paint your robot portrait, become the first person to see giant robotic fish, have your fortune told by a robot, ask tricky questions to a know-it-all AI, learn a new robot-themed joke, play basketball or table football against robotic opponents and make a robosuit come to life. On the same day, the guests will get to welcome a robot named Gourmand, an expert on the environment. Gourmand will drop by at Robostantsiya from 1 to 15 May. This robot has a personal vendetta against trash: it sorts it several times faster than a human, without ever getting tired.

Yearly Review

In 2020, the Robostantsiya interactive exhibition at VDNH, just like many other museums and exhibition spaces, surmounted the challenges of a lockdown. But even when the museum grounds were off-limits, the exhibition never stopped working. In fact, Robostantsiya launched a series of online activities for everyone interested in robotics. After the restrictions were eased, the pavilion returned to offline work, with the remaining precautions in place.

Robostantsiya's guests have been able to join over 1,000 guided tours and 500 educational workshops over the course of this year. Furthermore, 500 guests got to celebrate their birthday here; hundreds of little explorers joined the Undercover Robopranks show during the winter holidays; and 250 loving couples exchanged their vows at an interactive marriage registration office. More than 8,000 kids completed a training course on the essentials of robotics. VDNH brought people together at Robostantsiya to celebrate Valentine's Day, recite poetry, honour the 60th anniversary of the first space flight and so much more. What's more, the exposition has acquired new robots over this past year. You will be able to learn more about them in May, during the Roboweekend programme.

The event will comply with the safety procedures prescribed by Rospotrebnadzor. Visitors are required to observe social distancing and wear face masks and gloves. For more information on the health and safety measures at VDNH, please visit our official website.

LOCATION: VDNH, Pavilion No. 2, Robostantsiya interactive exhibition.

TIME: 1 May, from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.

COST: 490 rubles for kids, 650 rubles for adults.

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