May Day Changes in the VDNH Museum Schedule

30 april 2021

Several venues of VDNH Exhibition will change their opening hours between 1 and 10 May. During the mini spring break in honour of May Day, most of the museums and pavilions will operate according to their weekend schedule.

The Cosmonautics and Aviation Centre, the Centre for Slavic Writing 'Slovo', the Buran interactive museum complex and VDNH Museum will be open to the public for all ten days. The technical break has been moved to 11 May.

The Let's Remember multimedia exposition at Pavilion No. 57, as well as the Model of Moscow and Robostantsiya, will operate for the holidays' entire duration.

To find out the schedule of other VDNH pavilions, we recommend consulting the official resources and social media pages of the respective venues.

All events will be organised in line with all safety regulations set out by Rospotrebnadzor. The exhibition guests must maintain social distancing and wear masks and gloves.

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