Safety Rules

3 may 2021

Dear visitors,

With the beginning of the season for cycling, rollerblading, scooters, electric scooters, segways, unicycles, gyro scooters and other personal mobility devices, we would like to remind you of the safety rules. To avoid the risk of injury, we ask you to be careful and tell your children about these rules.

  1. Adults and children using personal vehicles should possess basic riding skills and be able to drive in a straight line, ride in circles, brake and make turns, and should also know how to fall.
  2. Use special equipment (knee pads, helmet and gloves), comfortable shoes and light, loose clothing.
  3. Follow the road rules, drive only in the permitted direction and do not use the oncoming lane.
  4. Cross the road on foot, walking your bike or scooter along the crosswalk.
  5. Always check your movement speed. It should correspond to the road conditions and your experience.
  6. To stop, use the vehicle's brake. Go around holes, potholes and sewer grates.
  7. Keep children under the age of seven constantly in sight and do not let them move more than a few metres away from you.
  8. Beware of animals. Moving objects may attract the attention of dogs. We recommend stopping the vehicle and letting the animal sniff the unfamiliar object. Do not shout or wave your arms.
  9. We do not recommend riding in rainy weather or at night.

Always thinking about you, your VDNH team.

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