Last Chance: 'Slovo' Centre and the VDNH Museum to Act as Venues for the Museums. Parks. Estates Contest

12 may 2021

Until 20 May, school students can take part in the contest Museums. Parks. Estates at two more venues of VDNH's Museum City: the 'Slovo' Centre for Slavic Writing and the VDNH Museum. The tasks are designed for schoolchildren from the first to the seventh form (divided into three age groups) and will surprise the participants with unusual formats. While completing the tasks, the children will learn about the history of VDNH and the Russian language. VDNH also offers free admission hours for the participants of the contest.

The 'Slovo' Centre and the VDNH Museum invite elementary and middle-schoolers to participate in the Museums. Parks. Estates contest. It is held until 20 May. The tasks have been designed for three age groups: form 1–2, form 3–4 and form 5–7 students. Some tasks are accompanied by pictures with hints, so the contest will turn into a fascinating journey through VDNH's museum spaces.

To take part in the contest, school students must come to the museum and take a special form and a list of questions from one of the curators. After they have studied the exposition and answered all the questions, they can submit the form and take a memento photo against the backdrop of the museum.

This year, the rules of the contest have been changed due to the difficult epidemiological situation: participants need to book their spots in advance on the museum pages ( and There will be no tasks involving tactile activities and no group rankings.

While completing the assignments at the 'Slovo' Centre, the children will visit a monastery cell and the first Russian printing house, sit down at the desks in a zemstvo school, watch themed cartoons, decipher graffiti in an ancient church and see the 'messenger app' the ancient Novgorodians used.

The VDNH Museum will introduce the children to the history of Russia's Main Exhibition. While completing the tasks, they will learn how the museum building was used before, study the history of VDNH's main symbols, find out which pavilions have not survived to this day, in what style VDNH's pavilions are built and much more.

The participants of the Museums. Parks. Estates contest can visit the 'Slovo' Centre for Slavic Writing for free on Wednesdays, and the VDNH Museum from Tuesday to Friday. Free admission is also available from Tuesday to Friday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. and every third Sunday of the month. The children taking part in free school trips regularly organised by the 'Slovo' Centre can also complete the contest's tasks after their visit.

Many Moscow museums, parks and estates are hosting the Museums. Parks. Estates contest, so that school students can find a venue that is interesting to them and learn a lot of new things. Other available venues include the VDNH Landscape Park (Parks category), the Cosmonautics and Aviation Centre (the Aviation and Space Museums category) and the Moskvarium Centre of Oceanography and Marine Biology (Biological Museums).

To learn more about the rules of the contest, follow this link.

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