Name of City Farm's Newborn Calf to Be Chosen by Popular Vote

18 may 2021

Spring is the time for the family education centre City Farm to welcome new younglings, and this year is no exception: a zebu calf (a breed rare for Russia) was born at VDNH on 9 May, the Great Victory Day. It is a brown girl. The name for the newborn will be chosen by Internet users. The contest starts today, on 18 May, on VDNH's official Instagram account. The results will be announced on 22 May.

The calf was born on the day of an important Russian holiday, the 9th of May. This interesting fact largely determines the name of the newborn. However, we have decided not to violate the tradition of social network contest polls and see whether our assumptions match the subscribers' choice.

The calf was born into a family of zebu cattle, which differs from the European breed by the presence of a large hump and unusually long horns. Her parents are a bull named Baron and a cow named Tigra. She was born on 9 May at around 10:00 a.m., and the first thing she saw was a team of zoologists who professionally delivered the baby. At the time of birth, she weighted about 20 kilograms.

Now the calf lives together with her mother in a separate enclosure in the barn. Both are doing well. The newborn walks on her legs, drinks milk, sleeps a lot, enjoys the fresh air and is ready to welcome guests. Experts say she has a calm and benevolent temper.

Visitors can look at the Farm's new resident every day from 10:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. (except for the last Monday of the month). Please be careful when interacting with the baby, as she is still very small.

To participate in the contest, the subscribers of VDNH's official Instagram account need to write the name they think suits the newborn most in the comments under the post about her. On Thursday, 20 May, the City Farm team will choose four names that will progress to the semifinals and finals on Friday, to be held in the form of a poll among VDNH's Instagram subscribers. The name that gets the most votes wins. The results will be announced on Saturday, 22 May.

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