Pomegranate Garden Mosaic Studio: New Resident of the Park of Crafts at VDNH

21 may 2021

The mosaic studio Pomegranate Garden has opened in the Park of Crafts at VDNH. It is located in the building No. 170. The space is completely dedicated to workshops. Here, anyone can try to make a mosaic from natural stone or glass.

In the cosy and comfortable creative atmosphere of the Pomegranate Garden studio, visitors can try mastering a new art, choosing between natural stone and glass, talk to experienced mosaic teachers who are infinitely in love with their work and find like-minded people. There are workshops for different age groups, regardless of the level of skill. The participants will learn how to work with different tools, techniques and media and get a feeling for colour, shape and volume.

The Modern Mosaic workshop lasts four hours. In this time, the participants will progress so far as to take on stained glass.

The Roman Mosaic lesson introduces the participants to classic Roman mosaic art made from natural stone. Age restriction: 10+.

The workshop Moulds is designed for children aged five or older and adults. In two hours, they will learn how to improve their fine motor skills by assembling mosaics in wooden moulds of various shapes.

The Coloured Cements workshop offers a unique combination of painting and mosaics. It is suitable for children from ten years old and adults.

During the Flow lesson, the participants will work with natural materials (stones, shells, mirror pieces, slate) in a round wooden mould without a sketch and discover new ways of expressing themselves.

There is also an option to study together with your family or friends in a general or private group. The studio is also a great place for a corporate workshop, creative birthday or anniversary celebrations, a date or an unusually couched proposal to your beloved.

All the necessary materials will be issued at the workshop. You can find out the schedule, terms of participation and detailed information about the studio on its Instagram page or by calling +7(999)811-99-99.

The Park of Crafts at VDNH is a public workshop space that brings together artisans, artists and industrial designers. It opened on 18 June 2016 on the site of a former livestock campus in the northern part of VDNH. The first brick buildings were erected here in the 1950s. Back then, the livestock campus included pavilions dedicated to pig, sheep, horse, cattle and rabbit breeding and other livestock farming activities. Today, the Park of Crafts has 28 public workshops, most of which are located in the House of Crafts (the park's flagship project). The Park of Crafts is also home to the Fishing Village, the City Farm family education centre, several cafés and a hair salon.

Artisans can open their own workshops at VDNH.

Premises from 160 square metres are available for rent. For additional information, call +7 (495) 974-35-35 (ext. 13–44) or send an email to rent@vdnh.ru or mmalygina@vdnh.ru.

The Pomegranate Garden mosaic studio has been teaching the art of mosaic for over ten years. It uses the mosaic teaching techniques of the Repin Academy of Art and the Stieglitz State Academy of Art and Design, coupled with the studio's hands-on mosaic crafting experience. The school's students participate in exhibitions, create their own mosaic projects and work in mosaic workshops in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Some even open their own mosaic studios.

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