Fairy Tales Theatre plays a show for children with impaired hearing

31 may 2021

The VDNH Fairy Tale Theatre performed an interactive play for children with hearing disabilities and their parents on 30 May. The show for children with special health needs received support from the Moscow Organisation of the All-Russian Society of the Deaf (MGO VOG).

The young adventurers went on a fascinating journey to three different worlds: up to the sky for a Firebird feather, into the mystery forest to hunt the fern flower and into an undersea cave to fetch a precious gem. The vibrant stage props, amazing multimedia wizardry, captivating plot and excellent acting did not fail to impress the audience.

The multimedia show was part of the inclusion programme, VDNH for All. For the convenience of the audience, a sign language interpreter assisted during the show.

The Fairy Tale Theatre frequently plays animated shows and gives invitation-only performances for designated groups, including audiences of people with disabilities. The Fairy Tale Theatre shows invite the audience to step into an atmosphere of fairy-tale magic and become star actors in a fascinating story.

VDNH offers a plethora of activities of an entertaining and educational nature for visitors with special health needs. For example, the Kind Museum programme takes them to the Cosmonautics and Aviation Centre, Slovo Centre and VDNH Museum with caretaker escort. Guided tours, workshops and pro bono classes for visitors with disabilities are organised on a regular basis.

For more information about the inclusion programme, please visit VDNH for All online.

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