Fun things to do at VDNH in summer

1 june 2021

This summer, Russia's No. 1 Exhibition offers visitors plenty of opportunities for health activities and sports, ranging from speed-walking and running to extreme options like wakeboarding or rock climbing. Visitors can train on their own or in teams at VDNH, for free or by renting sports gear and a court.

For the first time ever, a series of free crossminton lessons is available from 1 June this season. Crossminton is a racket sport that combines elements of badminton, squash and tennis. There are crossminton playgrounds next to Chess Club where adults and children are welcome to learn to play crossminton from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. every Thursday, and from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. on weekends. The lessons are taught by Russian national crossminton team coach Anna Osipova. The equipment is available onsite.

Health runs are fun in any season, but especially on a warm summer day. Running and race-walking are available to VDNH visitors of any age. The shady vistas of Landscape Park are arguably the best location for these activities. And if you need company when working on your health, come to the free training sessions offered by project Sports Weekends. The programme includes nordic walking, zumba, street stretching and functional training. Every Saturday, the VDNH House of Culture offers yoga classes suitable for beginners and pros alike.

It is a great idea to complement the run and general exercises with some power training at one of the designated workout sites off to the right of the Botanical Garden gate or in Ostankino Park. These sites are outdoor training suites with exercise machines, pull-up bars, monkey bars, gymnastic rings, wall bars and rubber punch bags.

The place to go for team sports is the free mini-football and streetball field with a turf pitch and spectator stalls. There is an onsite rental for footballs, marking cones and bibs to visually tell the teams apart.

And if you and your friends are planning an all-out football battle, head straight to the stadium in Ostankino Park, which has a pitch sized 90x62m, full-size goals and artificial turf all marked out for you. The stadium may or may not be available for free, depending on the hour. For more info, call +7(968)888-36-92.

Boating is a pleasurable pastime available only in the summer. Rowboats and paddleboats are available for rent by the Golden Spike Fountain. The Aliye Parusa boat rental station is located at 3rd Kamensky Pond.

Lovers of the more dynamic kinds of water fun are welcome to the wake park DROP Park VDNH for some wakeboarding. Wakeboarding, a cross between water skiing and surf riding, is available to locals and visitors at 2nd Kamensky Pond, behind Pavilion No. 27 Physical Culture and Sports.

Pavilion No. 22 is the place for extreme sports lovers or anyone game for something new and exciting. The pavilion is home to BigWall, the rock climbing centre fully or partially replicating alpine terrain. The little visitors are welcome to Funtopia, the interactive simulator park where children can test their skills and conquer mountain peaks under the guidance of experienced instructors.

If you have a fear of heights and wish to overcome it through outdoor adventure, head for the SkyTown rope park next to Pavilion No. 27 Physical Culture and Sports. The complex includes different types of obstacles, a children's parkour, some entertainment options and an observation deck.

Next to the rope park you will find a complex of sports playgrounds: two for volleyball and basketball, and two mini-football pitches. The playgrounds are available for rent to visitors who wish to play sports together or stage a corporate sports event. There are locker rooms with showers and restrooms for visitor convenience.

This season, the table tennis and badminton playing area is situated between Pavilion No. 58 Land Farming and Pavilion No. 57. Ping-pong tables with nets, rackets and balls, as well as badminton rackets and shuttles are available for rent onsite.

How do you transform a routine VDNH walk into a healthy adventure with the wind in your face? Rent a bike! You can rent one right at VDNH entrance. There are bike rentals on the North and South loops, left and right of the Main Entrance Arch. Alternatively, you can rent a bicycle car, kick scooter, run-bike or other equipment at the same locations. There are also electric kick scooter rentals around VDNH grounds.

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