Excursions, workshop and poetry recitals at VDNH on Russian Language Day

2 june 2021

Russia's No. 1 Exhibition invites everyone to a celebration of Russian Language Day. The festive activities in store for 5 and 6 June were prepared by the Slovo Centre, Doll Museum, City Farm and Robostation. Visitors will be offered to try their hand at calligraphy using lines from Alexander Pushkin's poetry, hear Pushkin's poetry recited by a robot, take part in an elocution contest and a quiz, as well as join an insightful tour about the history of Russian script and Tsarist reforms in the field of language.

Russian Language Day is traditionally observed on 6 June, the day of birth of Russia's most revered classical poet Alexander Pushkin. VDNH museums and residents have a choice of themed activities in store for 6 June. All activities are free, but access to some pavilions requires a ticket.

Slovo Centre, the VDNH museum project that is now a centre of gravity for all lovers of history, culture and the Russian language, invites everyone to attend a creative class in calligraphy at 3 p.m. on 6 June. The class will include a lecture and hands-on practice. The subject is Pushkin's personal handwriting. Under the instructor's guidance, the kids will learn to see handwriting as a system, discovering its rhythm, form and personal nuances. They will then apply this knowledge by taking a learned look at their own handwriting. All attendees will be issued the requisite class materials onsite. Attendance is free by prior registration.

City Farm will be marking Pushkin Day in its own way. An elocution contest will kick off on the stage by the barn at Noon on 6 June. Anyone can perform as long as it's Pushkin's work they recite. A fun quiz for children will succeed the contest at the same location at 5 p.m. The questions will test how well the kids know Alexander Pushkin's poems and tales. The activities are free for Farm ticket holders.

The Doll Museum at VDNH has prepared the themed tour titled Pardon Impossible to Execute in honour of Russian Language Day, which will be available all weekend. Tours start at 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. on 5 and 6 June. Visitors will be shown a unique collection of porcelain dolls crafted in likenesses of rulers and historic figures. The tour guide will relate the history of Russian literacy, explaining the 'surplus' letters, the origin of the letter Я and other fascinating facts. Visitors will learn about the princess whose idea was the letter Ё, the word in which the writer and poet Karamzin used it for the first time, why Alexander III was once reproached for his 'Equestrian Guard' accent and much more. Activities are free for museum ticket holders. To sign up, call +7(985)420-81-55 or visit the museum's Instagram account.

At the Robostation, visitors will be welcomed by a life-size robotic Pushkin all day, from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. The anthropomorphic robot will recite Pushkin's poetry with the voices of famous Soviet actors Mikhail Kazakov, Oleg Dal and Sergei Yursky. The poems to be recited include Anchar, The Hills of Georgia, Will You Forgive My Jealous Dreams, Winter, Winter Morning and others. Boris the robot, who likes to talk to humans, will be delighted to listen to any young readers wishing to recite their favourite poems by heart. Admission to the pavilion is by ticket, but all activities are free.

Russian Language Day was established by the UN in 2010, and became a public holiday in Russia in 2011.

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