The Russian Elevator Week anniversary exhibition opens at VDNH

2 june 2021

On 1 June, the 10th International Exhibition of Elevators and Lifting Equipment, the Russian Elevator Week, opened at VDNH Pavilions No. 55 and 57. Participants in the main business event of Russia's elevator industry included leading companies from ten countries. The first day of the week featured a forum on the safety and accessibility of vertical transport in Russia.

Speaking at the official opening ceremony, Leonid Kazintsev, First Deputy Chairman of the United Council of the Ministry of Construction of Russia, gave a welcoming address from the Chair of the Public Council Sergey Stepashin. 'Over the years that it has been held, the exhibition has earned a reputation as a professional and established venue for national and regional authorities, business and experts to discuss the most relevant issues of the elevator industry and identify solutions for further productive work', the official address said.

Participants of the exhibition were also addressed by Elena Nikolaeva, chair of the Commission for Town Planning, State Property and Land Management of the Moscow city parliament: 'I am very happy that we have an opportunity to witness the development of such an important industry as elevator and lifting equipment in real time. Issues of quality are of principal importance today. I hope that our elevators and lifting equipment can earn the reputation as the best in the world. And I believe we are fully capable of reaching that goal'.

Vartan Avakyan, CEO of JSC Moslift, concurred, saying that 'Russia today is the third-largest market in the world in terms of the number of elevators installed each year. We, the elevator community, must understand that we have a huge responsibility to make sure people have access to high quality, reliable and visually appealing equipment'.

Meanwhile, Aleksey Sakhzarov, Vice President of the National Elevator Union, discussed how Russian Elevator Week is Europe's only exhibition being held in spite of the COVID-19 restrictions: 'I'm very happy that this tool for networking and establishing business relations is operating today. I hope that the three-day exhibition runs effectively and to the maximum benefit of the participants'.

In conclusion, Timur Zeldich, Head of Sales at JSC VDNH, spoke on behalf of the country's main exhibition venue, welcomed participants and guests while noting that the Russian Elevator Week has for many years been shaping the country's elevator industry: 'We are proud to be part of this industry's success story. Russian Elevator Week is more than a review of achievements. It's also a discussion venue where manufacturers, businesses and government representative can share their opinions and devise promising solutions'.

The exhibition will continue until 3 June. The exposition spans the entire range of modern vertical transport equipment. Thus, JSC Moslift's booth shows only new solutions, such as an observation elevator car with smart glass whose transparency can be adjusted in real time, as well as a UV air filter that disinfects the air inside an elevator car. Industrial Group Evroliftmash presented a next-generation passenger elevator with a panoramic car and a Premium exclusive design, while the German Company Wittur presented a prefabricated European elevator adapted for use in Russian elevator shafts.

The exhibition's opening day also featured a forum on the safety and accessibility of vertical transport in Russia. The three-day programme also includes seminars, presentations by participants and a professional contest in vertical transport.

VENUE: Pavilions No. 55 and 57.

HOURS: 1–2 June from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m., 3 June from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m.

Price: free, registration required.

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