VDNH to host the HIV Test: Expedition 2021 National Event

8 june 2021

On Friday, 11 June from 12:00 p.m. until 6:00 p.m., free and anonymous HIV testing is available at VDNH. Testing will be held under VDNH's Main Entrance Arch (next to the right-hand side wing), will take just 15 minutes, and experts will be available to answer questions about how to prevent HIV/AIDS. Tests are carried out in a specially equipped laboratory truck.

In the process, medical staff share information about HIV/AIDS in simple and accessible language, while helping people assess their personal risks and reminding people about protective measures.

VDNH visitors will have access to field teams comprising infectious diseases specialists, psychotherapists, medical nurses and paramedic lab assistants.

HIV tests are voluntary and anonymous. Results will be ready within 15 minutes on-site.

The HIV Test: Expedition 2021 campaign, which has now become a staple all across the country, kicked off on 1 June in Saint Petersburg and will end on 1 November in Khabarovsk. A team of highly trained experts will travel to large and small cities in 50 regions across Russia to once again remind people about the problem of HIV/AIDS. From 11 through 13 June, HIV tests will be offered in Moscow, Balashikha, Khimki and Podolsk. The traditional rally of branded white mobile test points (MTPs) showing a wide red ribbon with HIV Test: Expedition 2021 written on it aims to call public attention to preventing HIV/ADS and encourage people to get tested for HIV.

Since 2020, all campaign events have been held in strict compliance with COVID-19 restrictions: all staff use PPE, all people coming in for tests have their temperature taken and all surfaces are disinfected after every test.

Additional information about HIV/AIDS, about the campaign and the detailed route of the expedition can be found on o-spide.ru Follow the link for more information about the HIV Test: Expedition campaign.

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