From 13 to 20 June, new restrictions on visits to public spaces are being introduced.

12 june 2021

Mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobianin signed a decree imposing a temporary lockdown from 15 through 19 June owing to the challenging epidemiological situation in the capital. The country's main exhibition centre will remain open to visitors during this time. Restrictions will apply to visits to some installations, such as playgrounds, sports grounds, rental offices and catering facilities.

Playgrounds, sports grounds, rental offices and the food court will be closed from 13 through 20 June 2021. Cafés and restaurants will be open until 11:00 p.m.

Museums and exhibitions will remain open; however, extra safety measures will be put in place. The VDNH museum, the Buran Interactive Museum Complex, the Cosmonautics and Aviation Centre and the Slovo Centre for Slavic Writing will operate according to their weekend schedules. The Happy Hour programme will not be in operation. In addition, the Sphere movie theatre will close on 15 June due to technical issues.

Concerts in the Green Theatre and performances at the Theatre of Fairy Tales will still be held, but spectators will be seated at an increased distance from one another to maintain social distancing. The workshops of the Park of Crafts will continue to operate as usual.

We highly recommend that all visitors abide by the safety requirements when visiting the Exhibition by wearing face coverings and gloves in the pavilions, pubic spaces and on public transport. The elderly are advised to refrain from travel and to instead remain at home or head to the dacha.

Always thinking about you, your VDNH team.

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