VDNH's Park of Crafts celebrates its fifth anniversary

19 june 2021

The Park of Crafts at VDNH has already been around for five years. This space for public workshops was set up in 2016 as part of a comprehensive programme to revive the country's main exhibition centre. Since then, the park has hosted more than 7,000 workshops, creative and education events for children and adults alike, notes Deputy Moscow Mayor Natalia Sergunina.

'The Park of Crafts is one of VDNH's seven thematic clusters. Today it has more than 20 creative spaces for artists, designers, potters and other craftspeople. Residents hold workshops, offer lectures and various interactive programmes for visitors. In the five years since opening, the park has hosted more than 7,000 family events, including an online format', Ms Sergunina noted.

The Park of Crafts has an area of 25 hectares and is located in the northern section of the exhibition grounds. The cluster comprises several pavilions and the territory between them. The flagship project, the House of Crafts, is housed in the renovated Pavilion No. 57, Pig Breeding. The park is home to porcelain, pottery and floristry workshops, a tannery, spaces for architectural production and confectionery, as well as a cheese-making school and a coffee lab.

Other residents of Park of Crafts include the City Farm Family Educational Centre, a stained glass and mosaic studio, a Christmas tree decorations workshop, a photography studio and craft production workshops making such things as organic cosmetics, caramel and handmade lollipops.

VDNH operates in compliance with all current sanitary regulations. All visitors must maintain social distancing and use PPE. For more information about the preventive measures at the exhibition, see the official website.

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