Legend of the Dragons: children's play at VDNH

7 july 2021

On 11 July, The Slovo Centre for Slavic Writing at VDNH invites children and their parents to a puppet show: Legend of the Dragons. This interactive show is part of the free cultural and educational project Knowledge. VDNH. Advance registration is required.

On 11 July at 12:00 p.m., the Slovo Centre will host an interactive puppet show: Legend of the Dragons. The story is based on medieval German literature. Here actors and puppets will discuss an ancient story about a friendship between man and dragon, a beautiful princess and a brave prince, our hero. And of course, the play just wouldn't be complete without some medieval mystery. You will hear authenic music, including those by minstrels and minnesingers, European poets and singers. Young spectators will also get to try their hand at ancient magic by making their own magical flowers and stars.

The cast includes actors Mariya Burova, Timur Kaznov and Miron Ovsyannikov of the Taratumb Art Group. The theatre was founded by actor and director Anton Kalipanov and composer Olga Shaidullina. It performs more than ten plays for audiences of different ages.

Admission to the Legend of the Dragons show is free, and attendance is limited to 50 spectators. Advance registration is required for each guest.

The event will comply with all established health and safety procedures. Spectators must use personal protective equipment and observe social distancing.

Participants in the Friends of VDNH loyalty programme will receive a discount on tickets to Slovo Centre and other venues of the exhibition. A complete list of the partners' venues is available and updated on the programme page on the VDNH website.

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