Soundtrack from the Lord of the Rings film trilogy at the VDNH greenhouse

12 july 2021

On 18 July, the greenhouse at VDNH Pavilion No 14, Republic of Azerbaijan, will host a show by Simple Music Ensemble. The group will perform music from the Lord of the Rings series.

The concert will start at 8:00 p.m. The programme includes more than a dozen compositions. The trilogy's soundtrack is by Canadian composer Howard Shore. He has received a number of highest professional awards for his work such as an Oscar, a Golden Globe and a Grammy.

The number of members of the Simple Music Ensemble range from 2 to 13 while the repertoire includes various music styles and trends ranging from those of the Renaissance to contemporary music. The group's musical instruments include violins, cellos, French horns, percussion, keyboards and others.

At concerts in the Greenhouse of VDNH Pavilion No 14, seating is subject to social distancing requirements. All visitors are expected to wear face masks and gloves. QR codes or vaccination certificates are not required.

Age restrictions — 3+. For more information, please call +7 (903) 019-30-04.

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