An honest talk on culture at VDNH

14 july 2021

On 16 July, the Worker and Kolkhoz Woman Pavilion will feature an open interview titled How is Culture Produced Today? The experts will share relevant knowledge about modern culture and art. All those who wish may join the discussion.

The open interview will start at 7:00 p.m. The speakers include Darya Dmitriyeva, director of the Thursday Foundation of Cultural Projects, and Valeriya Zemskova, head of the Foundation's expertise and publishing programme.

The experts will answer any questions about contemporary culture, including the most sensitive ones regarding technology, global trends and emerging ethical issues. They will also share practical advice on implementing one's own cultural initiatives. The discussion is part of the Knowledge. VDNH project.

Seats are limited, advance registration is required.

The event will comply with all established health and safety procedures. Spectators must use personal protective equipment and observe social distancing rules. You can find more information on anti-coronavirus measures at VDNH here.

The Thursday Foundation of Cultural Projects is an interdisciplinary space that brings together artists, curators, cultural managers, volunteers and all those who love and produce culture. The foundation transforms the cultural landscape by promoting the professional community, creating projects and enhancing project quality all over Russia.

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